S.C. Code Regs. 121-8.21 - Transportation

A. No pipeline shall be used to transport oil or gas across a property line within the state without a permit from the Commission. Application for the permit shall be accompanied by a may showing:
(1) The proposed location of the pipeline or gathering system;
(2) The diameter and total length of the pipeline or gathering system;
(3) The center line of the right-of-way;
(4) The total distance and width of the right-of-way;
(5) The initial and terminal point of the right-of-way accurately located by latitude and longitude;
(6) Connecting facilities;
(7) Water depth if submerged;
(8) Burial depth if buried; and
(9) The name and license number of the surveyor or engineer preparing the document.
B. All pipelines shall be designed and maintained to protect the land and waters from environmental damage, and shall be inspected monthly for indication of leakage. Records of these inspections shall be maintained by the operator and made available to the Commission upon request.
C. The operator shall notify the Commission when installation of the pipeline is completed.
D. All lines shall be hydrostatically tested to 1.25 times the designated working pressure for a minimum of two (2) hours prior to placing the line in service. Thereafter, all lines shall be hydrostatically tested annually. Submittal of the hydrostatic pressure test including procedure, test pressure, hold time, and results is required.
E. The operator of each pipeline shall file annually with the Commission a certificate indicating compliance with the permit and including revised maps showing any extensions to or abandonment of any previously permitted pipelines.
F. The permit shall be revoked at any time after notice and hearing if the agency determines that the line is so unsafe, so improperly equipped or so managed as likely to result in waste; or if the operator of said pipeline is willfully violating or contributing to the violation of laws or regulations concerning pollution or the production, transportation, processing, refining, and/or marketing of crude oil or gas.
G. No pipeline operated as a common carrier shall be connected with any oil or gas well nor shall any oil or gas be removed from a lease, by truck or other means of transport, until the well operator shall furnish a certificate provided by the Commission certifying that said operator has complied with the conservation laws of the State and that the pipeline is authorized by the well operator to transport oil or gas from the lease. This requirement shall not prevent the temporary connection with any well for the time necessary to take care of emergency situations, or to prevent waste.
H. No pipeline operator shall disconnect a pipeline from any well until receiving approval from the Commission and from the well owner.
I. Whenever the operator of any oil or gas well shall have failed to comply with all laws and all rules and regulations of the Commission applicable to that well, the certificate of compliance shall be revoked. After the certificate of compliance is revoked, the pipeline company connected to such well and to such property shall cease upon notice to do so from the Commission to accept oil or gas for transport until authorized to resume.
J. No transporter shall transport any oil or gas from any lease or wells after said transporter has been notified in writing by the Commission that the owner or operator of said lease or wells has violated any state law, rule, regulation, or order of the Commission.
K. In order to carry out the spirit and purpose of this and other regulations tending to provide orderly production of crude oil without waste and to give equal opportunity to market oil to all operators bringing wells into production in said field, all pipeline companies are hereby directed to make connection of their lines to the lease tanks on properties or leases in rotation as wells are completed, regardless of ownership. Connections shall be accepted and taken by the pipeline companies which by geographical location and least expense are the logical connection unless some other line is willing to accept the same.


S.C. Code Regs. 121-8.21

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