S.C. Code Regs. 79-15 - Retail Dealer Sales Transactions

A. Each retail dealer shall furnish each Consumer purchasing a manufactured home a copy of any and all documents pertaining to the sale of the manufactured home, which include, but are not limited to, the following:
(1) A Copy of Purchase Agreement;
(2) Contract of Sale;
(3) Closing statement, including the purchase price, all funds paid and to be paid by the Consumer, receipt and disposition of all other funds relevant to the sales transaction, except those funds related to sales commissions and profit by the dealer;
(4) Homeowner's Manual and Installation Manual; and
(5) Warranties and Manuals for Appliances, Roof and Siding, if applicable.
B. A contract for sale for a manufactured home between a retail dealer and a consumer must contain an itemized list of all options and on site work to be included as part of the sales agreement. In addition, the following certifications must be obtained before the completion of the sales transaction when the manufactured home is to be placed on property in South Carolina or to be installed by the retail dealer:
(1) Meets applicable zoning requirements as submitted by consumer to the retail dealer for certification to contract, the consumer must certify in writing to the retail dealer that the manufactured home meets the applicable zoning requirements for the property on which the home is to be installed;
(2) Meets or can be made to meet regulations of the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) governing wells and septic tanks, if the property is served or is to be served by a well or septic tank, or both. The consumer must provide a form from the Department of Health and Environmental Control certifying to the retail dealer that the property on which the manufactured home is to be located meets or can be made to meet regulations of the Department of Health and Environment Control criteria governing wells or septic tanks or both, if the manufactured home is to be served by a well or septic tank or both. The certification form must be kept as a part of the permanent record of the sale of the home and maintained by the retail dealer;
(3) Further, the contract must have attached a certification submitted by the retail dealer, that if the manufactured home per the contract is to be installed in South Carolina that the installation will meet installation requirements of the Board;
(4) Failure by a retail dealer and/or salesperson or multi-lot salesperson to have these certifications attached to the contract shall be cause for the Board to suspend or revoke a retail dealer license or take other corrective action as provided in the Act or these Regulations.
C. Each retail dealer is required at the time of sale of a manufactured home to make a full disclosure to the buyer, concerning the disposition of the wheels, axles and hitch(es), and such disclosure must be signed and approved by the purchaser.
D. Each retail dealer is required at the time of sale of a manufactured home to present conspicuous notice to the consumer that if the new manufactured home is moved from the initial installation site during the term of the warranty period, the new home warranty does not apply to a defect or damage caused by the move.
E. The following provisions shall govern all transactions in which a retail dealer is involved in a transfer of a pre-owned manufactured home between a consumer and a seller, other than the retail dealer:
(1) The retail dealer's role is that of a fiduciary to his principal;
(2) In all such transactions which require a transfer of title, the retail dealer must:
(a) Determine the status of title, including all recorded liens and security interests, of the manufactured home according to the title records of the Department of Public Safety; and
(b) Disclose in writing to all parties in the transaction the status of the home as shown by such records.


S.C. Code Regs. 79-15
Added by State Register Volume 29, Issue No. 2, eff February 25, 2005; State Register Volume 46, Issue No. 05, eff. May 27, 2022.

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