127-1.5 - Representative of Parties and Intervenors

127-1.5. Representative of Parties and Intervenors

Any protesting party or intervenor may appear in person or through a representative. Parties may choose an officer or a full time employee as a representative. If a party chooses an attorney as a representative, the attorney must comply with all requirements of the South Carolina Supreme Court, including provisions for appearance pro hac vice. The representative of a party of intervenor shall be deemed to control all matters respecting the interest of such party or intervenor in the proceeding. It shall be the duty of the party or intervenor to notify, in writing, the Administrative Law Clerk of the Occupational Health and Safety Review Board and the Board member to whom the matter is assigned of the address of record of the party or intervenor or of the representative appearing for the party or intervenor.

(Amended by State Register Volume 21, Issue No. 6, Part 2, eff June 27, 1997; State Register Volume 30, Issue No. 5, eff May 26, 2006.)

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