127-1.6 - Failure to Appear

127-1.6. Failure to Appear

The failure of a protesting party to appear at a hearing shall be deemed a withdrawal of the Notice of Protest and a waiver of all rights except the right to be served with a copy of the order of the Board or of the Board member to whom the matter has been assigned. If a party requesting a change in abatement dates fails to appear, such failure shall be an abandonment of the request. Upon a showing of good cause, the Board or Board member to whom the matter has been assigned may grant requests for reinstatement filed within ten (10) days after the scheduled hearing. In such cases, the hearing may be rescheduled. If the matter is not reinstated, the protesting party in default may be taxed with the costs of the hearing in the amount of Three Hundred Fifty ($350) dollars.

(Amended by State Register Volume 18, Issue No. 6, eff June 24, 1994; State Register Volume 28, Issue No. 5, eff May 28, 2004.)

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