137-200.04 - Mass Appraisal Experience Verification

137-200.04. Mass Appraisal Experience Verification

Persons claiming mass appraisal experience must provide a statement of verification of the experience claimed. This verification should be completed by the applicant's supervisor or employer where the mass appraisal experience was required. The experience claimed by the applicant must be reported on a form approved by the Board.

(Added by State Register Volume 19, Issue No. 6, eff June 23, 1995. Amended by State Register Volume 25, Issue No. 5, Part 2, eff May 25, 2001; State Register Volume 32, Issue No. 2, eff February 22, 2008; State Register Volume 38, Issue No. 6, eff June 27, 2014; State Register Volume 40, Issue No. 05, eff. May 27, 2016; State Register Volume 42, Issue No. 05, eff. May 25, 2018.)

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