137-700.01 - Hearings

137-700.01. Hearings

The Chairman, or an alternate designated by the Board, shall preside at a hearing in a manner affording consideration of fair play and compliance with the constitutional requirements of due process. The Chairman or an alternate designated by the Board to preside at a hearing shall also have authority to:

1. Hold a conference for the simplification of issue;

2. Issue subpoenas reasonably requested by the parties;

3. Place witnesses under oath;

4. Take action necessary to maintain order in a hearing;

5. Rule on motions and procedural questions arising during the hearing; and

6. Prescribe and enforce general rules of conduct and decorum.

(Added by State Register Volume 19, Issue No. 6, eff June 23, 1995; State Register Volume 38, Issue No. 6, eff June 27, 2014.)

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