S.C. Code Regs. 17-14 - Barber Schools, Requirements of

Each barber school shall:

a) have a qualified instructor or teacher for each twenty (20) students enrolled or fraction thereof; and
b) have a minimum of ten (10) barber chairs and each and every barber chair shall be mechanically workable, and the finish of same, including upholstering, shall be in good condition, and
c) have not more than two (2) enrolled students per barber chair; and
d) all students must be given a complete nine months course in the following subjects; the scientific fundamentals of barbering; haircutting; shaving; shampooing, and the application of creams and lotions; shedding and regrowth of hair, hygiene; sanitation and sterilization; anatomy; elementary chemistry; massaging and scalp treatments; scientific massaging and manipulation of the muscles in the scalp, neck and face; history of barbering and professional ethics; and laws and regulations of the Board; and students training to be master hair care specialists shall receive instruction in the use of chemicals to wave, relax, straighten, or bleach the hair; and
e) have a bulletin and curriculum containing full information as to the operation of school including physical equipment, number of barber chairs, work stands, floor space of practical and theory department, hours of operation, schedule of hours of each class, schedule of subjects taught and shall furnish the Board with a copy of same within ninety (90) days from the effective date hereof, thereafter within fifteen (15) days of issuance of any new or amendment bulletin; and
f) have a time clock or other means of accurately keeping and maintaining a complete record of each student including number of hours attending classes, practical and theory; and
g) have no barber sign or emblem representing that it is a barbershop displayed in front of the place of business designating that it is a barber school or college and stating that all barber work is done by students only. NO SCHOOL OR COLLEGE SHALL IN ANY WAY BE CONNECTED WITH A BARBER SHOP;
h) students training in barber schools or shops must have student permit prominently displayed behind his barber chair;
i) have within each school ample and sufficient space between each and every barber chair as well as from workstand or wall to barber chair whereby the students will not be crowded or hampered. The space between each and every barber chair, measured from center to center, shall be a minimum of five feet, and the space from the barber chairs to the workstand or wall shall be a minimum of three and one half (3 1/2) feet;
j) have ample and sufficient space for the purpose of practical demonstrations. Each school shall be separate from any other place or type of business by a substantial wall of ceiling height; and
k) have a room separate and apart from the practical room and must be separate and apart from any other type of business whatsoever by a ceiling height solid partition. Said room must be used exclusively for the training in theory of barbering and sufficient in size to accommodate students enrolled in such school and shall have ample blackboard space as well as charts on anatomy and other facilities adequate to teaching the required subjects;
l) have an adequate workstand for each barber chair, same to be of such construction that it may be easily cleaned; and adequate tool cabinet for each barber chair, having a door as nearly airtight as possible and of such construction that it may be easily cleaned; and sufficient supply of solution in which to immerse barber instruments immediately accessible to each chair; and
m) have and maintain a copy of the candidate information bulletin from the Board-approved examination provider, Board-approved textbooks, supplies, equipment, fixtures, devices and tools necessary for compliance with regulations, and additional equipment necessary for the instruction of students as required by the Board.


S.C. Code Regs. 17-14
Replaced and amended by State Register Volume 46, Issue No. 05, eff. 5/27/2022.

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