71-4200 - Operation Procedures for Amusement Devices; Owners/Operator's Responsibility

71-4200. Operation Procedures for Amusement Devices; Owners/Operator's Responsibility

1. Each owner of an amusement device shall read and become familiar with the contents of the manufacturer's recommended operating instructions. Each owner shall prepare an operating fact sheet. This fact sheet shall be provided to each device operator and attendant of the amusement device. The owner's fact sheet (on a device-by-device basis) shall include but not be limited to:

A. Specific device operation policies and procedures with pertinent information from the manufacturer's instructions;

B. Description of the device operation;

C. Duties of the specific assigned position of the device operator or attendant;

D. General safety procedures;

E. Additional recommendations of the owner/operator; and

F. Specific emergency procedures in the event of an abnormal condition or an interruption of service.

2. The owner shall provide training and instructions for each operator and attendant of an amusement device. This training shall include, but not be limited to the following, where applicable:

A. Instructions on device operating procedures;

B. Instructions on specific duties of the assigned position;

C. Instructions on general safety procedures;

D. Instructions on emergency procedures;

E. Demonstration of the physical operation of the device;

F. Supervised observation of the device operator's physical operation of the device; and

G. Additional instructions deemed necessary by the owner.

3. The owner will enforce compliance with the operating fact sheet and maintain operation within limits described by the information required by 71-4100.

4. Every amusement device shall be maintained, operated, assembled and disassembled to be free from recognized hazards or defects which may cause serious injury.

(Added by State Register Volume 11, Issue No. 6, effective June 26, 1987. Amended by State Register Volume 12, Issue No. 5, effective May 27, 1988; State Register Volume 17, Issue No. 5, Part 3, eff May 28, 1993.)

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