71-4300 - Operational Testing

71-4300. Operational Testing

1. The owner of a device shall use manufacturer's operational tests, along with maximum intervals for these tests to be performed, to determine whether a safety mechanism is operating within operational limits as recommended by the manufacturer. If manufacturer's guidelines for operational testing are not available, the owner shall use operational tests based on available guidelines for devices similar in design and function.

2. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT): NDT shall be performed in conformance with manufacturer's specifications. In addition, any hidden shaft or structural member in an amusement device may be required to undergo NDT after written notice to the owner is given by the Department. The notice will specify a date by which NDT shall be completed.

3. The owner of a device shall conduct the tests developed under Section 71-4300 (1) and (2) at regular intervals and shall record the results of operational tests and shall provide the results to the Commissioner upon request.

(Added by State Register Volume 11, Issue No. 6, effective June 26, 1987. Amended by State Register Volume 12, Issue No. 5, effective May 27, 1988; State Register Volume 17, Issue No. 5, Part 3, eff May 28, 1993.)

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