71-4600 - Permit Required

71-4600. Permit Required

1. Before beginning operation of any amusement device within South Carolina, the owner shall have posted on the amusement device a valid permit to operate issued by the Commissioner. A permit to operate is valid for a period of one calendar year terminating on December 31 of the year issued.

2. All new amusement devices permitted within South Carolina beginning July 1, 1993, shall meet the requirements of the 1992 edition of ASTM Standards on Amusement Rides and Devices, and the South Carolina Amusement Ride Code and any later editions; or be certified by a licensed architect or professional engineer.

3. A complete set of manuals for assembly, maintenance and operation of the device shall be maintained by the owner. All manuals shall be in English. If manufacturer's manuals or guidelines are not available, the owner shall use manuals or guidelines for devices similar in design and function.

(Added by State Register Volume 11, Issue No. 6, effective June 26, 1987. Amended by State Register Volume 12, Issue No. 5, effective May 27, 1988; State Register Volume 17, Issue No. 5, Part 3, eff May 28, 1993.)

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