71-4610 - Permit Application Requirements

71-4610. Permit Application Requirements

1. Each application for a permit shall be in writing and received by the Commissioner no less than ten (10) days before the first intended date of use.

2. Each permit application shall include the following information:

A. Name of the owner of the amusement device;

B. The address of the owner;

C. The name of the state under whose laws the owner is incorporated (if incorporated);

D. The model number and serial number of the amusement device and name and address of manufacturer;

E. Acceptable evidence of the liability insurance policy, bond, or other security covering the amusement device. The Commissioner may, at his discretion, require submission of the complete copy of insurance; and

F. A notarized inspection report by a special inspector or in the alternative, a request for inspection by the Department.

3. In addition, each application for a permit for a temporary device shall include the following information:

A. Planned schedule of appearances in South Carolina, including dates and locations; and

B. Name of sponsor or land owner at each location where use is planned.

4. Owners of temporary amusement devices shall supply the Department with the local phone number on each site of operation, before the end of the same business day that the number is assigned by the telephone company, if a telephone is located at such site.

(Added by State Register Volume 11, Issue No. 6, effective June 26, 1987. Amended by State Register Volume 12, Issue No. 5, effective May 27, 1988; State Register Volume 17, Issue No. 5, Part 3, eff May 28, 1993.)

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