S.C. Code Regs. 89-80 - Reclamation Plan

Current through Register Vol. 45, No. 12, December 24, 2021

A. The basic objective of the reclamation plan shall be to establish, on a continuing basis, a vegetative cover, soil stability, and water and safety conditions appropriate to the area.
B. Reclamation shall be conducted simultaneously with mining whenever feasible and in any event shall be initiated at the earliest practicable time, but no later than within 180 days following termination of mining on any segment of the mine and shall be completed within two years after completion or termination of mining on any segment of the mine.
C. The reclamation plan, shall, to the extent applicable, include:
(1) The planned land use or uses to which the affected lands will be rehabilitated;
(2) The specifications for surface gradient restoration, including sketches delineating slope angle, to a surface suitable for the proposed subsequent use of the land after reclamation is completed, and the proposed method of accomplishment;
(3) The methods to prevent or eliminate conditions that will be hazardous to animal or fish life in or adjacent to the affected land;
(4) The methods for rehabilitating settling ponds;
(5) The method for restoring or establishing stream channels and stream banks to a condition which will minimize erosion and siltation;
(6) The method for the control of contaminants and disposal of the refuse including tailings;
(7) The measures to provide safety to persons and adjoining property in all excavations;
(8) The measures to prevent the collection and retention of small pools of water that are likely to become noxious, odious, or foul;
(9) A plan for the permanent revegetation, reforestation or other surface treatment of the affected land using accepted and recommended agronomic and reforestation practices of the South Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station of Clemson University and the South Carolina Commission of Forestry or the State Soil and Water Conservation Districts. The revegetation plan shall include but not be limited to the following:
(a) Planned soil tests;
(b) Site preparation and fertilization;
(c) Seed or plant selection;
(d) Rate of seeding or amount of planting per acre;
(e) Maintenance.
(10) A plan for the maintenance of any revegetated or reforested area through the second growing season or until such time as the reclaimed area shall be released from bond;
(11) A time schedule of reclamation activities, particularly those relating to Best Management Practices for sediment and erosion control, which shall be keyed to the maps required by these regulations;
(12) Two copies of a map which shall be of the same scale, quality and legibility as the map submitted with the mining permit application under these Regulations and which shall show, to the extent applicable, the following:
(a) The outline of the proposed final limits of the excavation, during the number of years for which the permit is requested;
(b) The approximate location of final cut or fill slopes not part of the general surface gradient of the area to be reclaimed;
(c) The outline of the tailings disposal area;
(d) The outline of disposal areas for spoil and refuse (exclusive of tailings ponds);
(e) The approximate location of the mean shore line of any impoundment or water body which will remain upon final reclamation;
(f) The approximate locations of access roads, haul roads, or ramps which will remain upon final reclamation;
(g) The approximate location of various vegetative treatments;
(h) The proposed locations of re-established streams or ditches to provide for drainage;
(i) The proposed locations of diversions, terraces, or other Best Management Practices to be used for preventing or controlling erosion and off-site siltation;
(j) The proposed locations of the measures to provide safety to persons and adjoining property;
(k) A legend showing the name of the applicant, the name of the proposed mine, the north arrow, the county, the scale, the date of preparation and the name and title of the person who prepared the map;
(l) The boundaries of the permitted area;
(m) The boundaries of the affected area for the anticipated life of the mine.
(n) The boundaries of the 100-year floodplain, where appropriate.
D. The Department shall be authorized to approve a reclamation plan despite the fact that such plan does not provide for reclamation treatment of every portion of the affected land, where the Department finds that because of special conditions such treatment would not be feasible for particular areas and that the plan takes all practical steps to minimize the extent of such areas.
E. Form MR-500, entitled "Reclamation Plan", shall be completed in typewritten or hand printed form as part of the completed application.


S.C. Code Regs. 89-80

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