61-107 - Solid Waste Management

  1. 61-107.1 - Solid Waste Management: Solid Waste Management Grants, Recycling Education Grants, and Waste Tire Grants (§ 61-107.1.A to 61-107.1.N)
  2. 61-107.2 - Solid Waste Management: Full Cost Disclosure (§ 61-107.2.A to 61-107.2.C)
  3. 61-107.3 - Solid Waste Management: Waste Tires (Part I to V)
  4. 61-107.4 - Solid Waste Management: Compost and Mulch Production from Land-clearing Debris, Yard Trimmings and Organic Residuals (Part I to VI)
  5. 61-107.5 - Solid Waste Management: Collection, Temporary Storage and Transportation of Municipal Solid Waste (§ 61-107.5.A to 61-107.5.H)
  6. 61-107.6 - Solid Waste Management: Solid Waste Processing Facilities (§ 61-107.6.A to 61-107.6.M)
  7. 61-107.7 - Solid Waste Management: Transfer of Solid Waste (§ 61-107.7.A to 61-107.7.K)
  8. 61-107.8 - Solid Waste Management: Lead-Acid Batteries (§ 61-107.8.A to 61-107.8.G)
  9. 61-107.9 - Solid Waste Management: White Goods (§ 61-107.9.A to 61-107.9.F)
  10. 61-107.10 - Solid Waste Management: Research, Development, and Demonstration Permit Criteria (§ 61-107.10.A to 61-107.10.J)
  11. 61-107.12 - Solid Waste Management: Solid Waste Incineration and Solid Waste Pyrolysis Facilities (Part I to IV)
  12. 61-107.14 - Solid Waste Management: Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Operator's Certification (§ 61-107.14.A to 61-107.14.I)
  13. 61-107.15 - Solid Waste Management: Land Application of Solid Waste (§ 61-107.15.A to 61-107.15.I)
  14. 61-107.17 - Solid Waste Management: Demonstration-of-Need (§ 61-107.17.A to 61-107.17.G)
  15. 61-107.18 - Solid Waste Management: Off-site Treatment of Contaminated Soil (§ 61-107.18.A to 61-107.18.J)
  17. 61-107.279 - SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT: USED OIL (Subpart A to O)

Current through Register Vol. 46, No. 3, March 25, 2022

General. The Solid Waste Management regulations are promulgated pursuant to the provisions of the Solid Waste Policy and Management Act of 1991, which became effective on May 27, 1991, as Act No. 63 of 1991. These regulations are promulgated to achieve the purposes set forth in the Act, as codified in Section 44-96-10 et seq.


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