S.D. Admin. R. 20:18:15:30.06 - Variations of the play - STREAK blackjack

STREAK blackjack must be dealt and played following the standard rules of blackjack in this chapter, except as follows:

(1) STREAK is a patented variation of blackjack where the player may place one or more optional wagers that the player will win two, three, four, or five consecutive blackjack hands. STREAK may only be played on tables equipped with the STREAK signage, STREAK table layout, and STREAK lammer for each player position;
(2) Prior to the start of each round of blackjack, in addition to the standard blackjack wager, each player is afforded the opportunity to place one or more STREAK wagers by placing a wager on one or more of the designated STREAK spots, numbered two through five located at each player position;
(3) If a player has placed a STREAK wager and wins the blackjack hand, the dealer shall place a lammer on top of the STREAK spot labeled "2" indicating that the player is going for a second consecutive win;
(4) If a player wins the next consecutive blackjack hand and has a STREAK wager on number "2", the dealer shall first pay the blackjack wager, then pay the STREAK wager and then advance the lammer to the "3" STREAK wager spot, indicating that the player is going for a third consecutive win;
(5) With each consecutive winning blackjack hand the dealer shall first pay the blackjack wager, then the STREAK wager and then advance the lammer to the next highest STREAK wager spot until the player either loses a hand or wins the last of the pending STREAK wagers, thereby completing the STREAK pendency. At such point each player's lammer is returned to the tray at the end of the player's STREAK wager spots;
(6) If a player loses a blackjack hand all pending STREAK wagers are lost;
(7) The "2", "3", "4", and "5" STREAK wagers have independent outcomes. A STREAK payoff is made only when the lammer is on top of a STREAK wager and the player has a winning blackjack hand which indicates that the player has won that specific STREAK bet;
(8) A blackjack hand resulting in a push will not win or lose a STREAK wager;
(9) A player having split blackjack hands must win the majority of the hands to advance a STREAK wager. If a player loses more split hands than the player wins, the STREAK wager is lost. If a player equally wins and loses the same number of split hands, the STREAK wager is neither advanced nor lost;
(10) Once a STREAK wager is placed, no other STREAK wagers may be placed until the player wins or loses all pending STREAK wagers;
(11) A player may not sit out any hand with a STREAK wager pending. If a player fails to complete any hand in the pendency when STREAK wagers are placed, all STREAK bets are forfeited to the house;
(12) A player may choose to take an even money option with any STREAK wagers pending if the player has blackjack. When players choose this option, the dealer shall first pay the blackjack wager. The dealer then stacks the player's cards and turns the cards sideways, indicating that a decision must be made for STREAK before completion of insurance procedures. The dealer then take insurance bets before determining the outcome of STREAK wagers. If both the dealer and player have blackjack, it is a push for STREAK wagers. If the dealer does not have blackjack, the STREAK lammer is advanced. A player's card is burned after the STREAK outcome has been determined;
(13) STREAK wagers are not affected by any insurance bet;
(14) A player exercising the surrender option shall lose any STREAK wager;
(15) The dealer is responsible for rotating the STREAK lammer and aligning the edgespot with the matching mark on the layout each time a lammer is advanced;
(16) Each STREAK lammer shall be accounted for and kept in the rack when not utilized;
(17) A player may place STREAK wagers for the dealer provided the player has at least one STREAK wager pending. Tip wagers are paid at the same rate as the player's STREAK wager. STREAK tip wagers shall be paid immediately after payment of the player's STREAK wager;
(18) A separate minimum-maximum wager amount may be used for STREAK wagers;
(19) STREAK wagers shall be paid in accordance with the following pay table:

Two Consecutive Winning Hands

3 to 1

Three Consecutive Winning Hands

8 to 1

Four Consecutive Winning Hands

18 to 1

Five Consecutive Winning Hands

38 to 1

(20) Each casino offering STREAK blackjack shall have designated areas for the placement of STREAK wagers which contain, at a minimum:
(a) Four separate designated wagering areas for each player position at the table numbered 2 through 5; and
(b) A mark next to each designated wagering area to which the edgespot of the lammer can be matched;
(21) The STREAK lammer shall have distinct sizing and markings which include, at a minimum:
(a) An edgespot measuring 3/4 of an inch across by 1/4 of an inch deep, to be mirrored on the backside of the lammer and run through the edge of the lammer;
(b) Made of a color known as PMS#804U; and
(c) The STREAK logo and Casino logo no less than 1/8 of an inch tall;
(22) Each casino shall post a sign approved by the commission listing the payout odds for STREAK wagers if the payout odds are not imprinted on the table layout; and
(23) Minimum-maximum wager amounts shall be posted on all tabletop signage.


S.D. Admin. R. 20:18:15:30.06
30 SDR 115, effective February 1, 2004.

General Authority: SDCL 41-7B-4(3), 42-7B-7.

Law Implemented: SDCL 42-7B-4(3), 42-7B-7, 42-7B-15.

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