S.D. Admin. R. 20:18:16:12 - The play - Draw poker

The games five-card low draw poker, five-card high draw poker, and five-card high-low split draw poker must be played according to the following rules:

(1) The dealer must deal sequentially to each player five cards face downward. The player to the immediate left of the player with the button opens. After the initial betting round, the players must either retain their pat hands or discard. The players' discards are placed in the discard pile. Players who discard are dealt a new card face downward for each card discarded. Players' newly dealt cards are received at the same time as cards are discarded. There is a betting round followed by showdown;
(2) In the game five-card low draw poker, the lowest ranking hand wins the pot;
(3) In the game five-card high draw poker, the highest ranking hand wins the pot. If a joker is used, it must be used as an ace or used to complete a straight flush, a flush, or a straight; and
(4) In the game five-card high-low split draw poker, the player with the best high hand and the player with the best low hand split the pot. A player who wins high or low and ties a player for the other receives three-quarters of the pot. A player may win both high and low at the same time. If the chips contained in the pot are not divisible by two, the player with the high hand must be awarded the odd chip after the remaining pot is split equally.


S.D. Admin. R. 20:18:16:12
16 SDR 57, effective October 1, 1989.

General Authority: SDCL 42-7B-7.

Law Implemented: SDCL 42-7B-1, 42-7B-2, 42-7B-3, 42-7B-4, 42-7B-7, 42-7B-14, 42-7B-15.

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