1240-01-04-.12 - INCOME

1240-01-04-.12. INCOME

The following sections describe the treatment of income and budgeting to determine eligibility and level of benefits,

(1) General Policy Matters. All sources of income are to be explored and gross nonexempt income from all sources shall be verified prior to approval or continuation of benefit except when a Food Stamp household qualifies for expedited service. The applicant/recipient has primary responsibility for providing acceptable verification of income. If he/she is unable to secure/provide acceptable verification the worker shall give reasonable assistance in securing the required information.

(2) Requirement to Apply for Other Benefits - (AFDC Only). As a condition of eligibility for AFDC, a person who is reasonably certain to be entitled to any other cash benefit or tax credit (not SSI) must apply for and accept such benefit or tax credit for himself/herself and/or any member of the assistance group. Failure to apply for or to accept the benefit renders the applicant/grantee relative ineligible to be included as a member of the aid group. His/her needs may not be taken into consideration in the AFDC budget or for the purpose of diverting any other income.

(Original rule filed August 15, 1980; effective September 29, 1980. Repeal and new rule filed December 10, 1981; effective January 25, 1982.)

Authority: T.C.A. ยง 14-8-106; 45 CFR 233.20; PL 97-35.

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