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(4) The Department has developed a consolidated standard of need based on the size of the aid group for subsistence items including food, clothing, fuel, lights, household operations, personal incidentals, medical incidentals and shelter. This standard does not necessarily represent actual costs for these items, nor does not standard include all items which might be considered "needs." It is a standard amount used for the following purposes:

(a) To determine a non-responsible relative's eligibility to be included in an assistance unit; and

(b) As the basis for determining the gross income standard and the standard payment amount.

(5) The AFDC payment does not meet 100% of need as defined by the consolidated need standard. A percentage of need is met dependent on available state and federal funds. Income available to the assistance unit (after all appropriate disregards and deductions have been applied) is subtracted from the consolidated need standard. Payment is the lesser of the resulting deficit or the percentage of the consolidated need standard currently being met.

(6) If an assistance unit's available income equals or exceeds the assistance unit's consolidated need, the assistance unit is not eligible for an AFDC grant. If there is a deficit of $1.00 to $9.99, no payment can be made, but the assistance unit is deemed to be AFDC recipients for other purposes, including Medicaid coverage, as long as all other points of eligibility continue to be met. If the deficit is $10.00 or more and other eligibility requirements are met, payment will be made.

(7) Payments

(a) AFDC payments are issued on a monthly basis and are paid for the current month.

(b) Initial payments are made beginning with the date of application, if all other eligibility factors are met at that time, or at the first of the month in which eligibility is achieved, whichever is later.


1. The deficit between the consolidated need standard and any countable income but not less than $10.00 per month; or

2. A standard payment amount for each family size, which is the percentage of the consolidated need standard for the family size which is currently being met.

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(Original rule filed August 15, 1980; effective September 29, 1980. Repeal and new rule filed December 10, 1981; effective January 25, 1982. Amendment filed December 17, 1982; effective March 16, 1983. Amendment filed March 3, 1983; effective April 4, 1983. Amendment filed September 4, 1984; effective October 4, 1984. Amendment filed September 29, 1986; effective December 29, 1986.)

Authority: T.C.A. ยงยง 14-8-106; PC 640, Public Acts of 1986; PL 97-35; 45 CFR 233.20; P.C. 918.

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