1240-01-49-.08 - Definitions

1240-01-49-.08. Definitions

For purposes of this Chapter:

(1) "Adverse Action Notice" is a computer generated notice sent to a Families First/TANF recipient when a negative action is taken on a Families First/TANF case.

(2) "Assistance Unit (AU)" means the "aid group (AG)" or group of people applying for or receiving Families First/TANF cash assistance benefits.

(3) "Caretaker" is a relative within a specified degree of relationship to the child who:

(a) provides a home for the child; and

(b) exercises primary responsibility for care and control of child.

(4) "Child Care" means the provision of supervision and protection, and at a minimum, meeting the basic needs of a child or children for less than twenty-four (24) hours a day. Child care is provided when necessary for the participant to take part in work or training activities while the AU is receiving Families First/TANF cash assistance.

(5) "Child Only caretaker" is a caretaker who is either a non-parental relative who is not included in the AU or a caretaker receiving SSI benefits.

(6) "Conciliation" means a ten (10) calendar day period of time given to a Families First/TANF recipient to establish good cause for failure to comply with their work activities requirements following the issuance of a notice of adverse action, unless the tenth (10th) day falls on a weekend or holiday.

(7) "Department" means the Department of Human Services.

(8) "Employee" means the Families First/TANF recipient and/or caretaker, who works in the service of another person, private entity, or governmental entity.

(9) "Employment" means the relationship between an employee and his/her employer consisting of the employee's work responsibilities for the employer.

(10) "Families First" refers to the temporary public assistance program provided under Temporary Assistance for Needy Families ("TANF"), administered by the Department pursuant to Title IV-A of the Social Security Act and title 71, chapter 5, part 3 of the Tennessee Code Annotated.

(11) "Family Focused Solutions ("FFS")" refers to a Families First/TANF support service whose purpose is to provide supportive assistance to Families First/TANF recipients who may have barriers to employment.

(12) "Incapacity" is deemed to exist when one parent has a physical or mental defect, illness, or impairment. The incapacity shall be supported by competent medical testimony and must be of such a debilitating nature as to reduce substantially, or eliminate the parent's ability to support or care for the otherwise eligible child and be expected to last for a period of at least thirty (30) days. Incapacity may be a reason for deprivation or may be a reason for a temporary exemption from a work activities requirement.

(13) "Sanction" means the period of time during which a Families First/TANF case is closed due to lack of adequate participation in required work and/or educational activities.

(14) "Support Services" means the transportation, optical, dental, and other services which are provided by the Families First/TANF work activity contractor when necessary for participation in work and/or educational activities.

(15) "Work activities" means the work and/or educational activities performed in return for cash assistance benefits that provide a Families First/TANF recipient with an opportunity to acquire the general skills, training, knowledge, and work habits necessary to obtain employment.

(Original rule filed December 13, 2002; effective February 26, 2003. Public necessity rule filed July 2, 2007; expired December 14, 2007. Amendment filed October 1, 2007; effective December 15, 2007. Repeal and new rule filed April 2, 2014; effective July 1, 2014.)

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