(1) Earned income is defined as that total income which an AG earns by its own work efforts; either salary, wages or commissions paid to the AG as an employee, or profits from self-employment in an enterprise (including farming) which it may carry on independently or jointly with another person or persons. It includes earnings over a period of time from which settlement is made at one given time. It includes paid annual leave, vacation time, sick leave, pay while on maternity leave, and bonuses when they are subject to Income Tax and FICA.

(2) All gross earned income, received or anticipated for members of the assistance group is considered available in relation to the gross income standard (GIS), with the following exceptions:

(a) Only the deemed income of a stepparent or of a parent of a minor parent receiving Families First in his or her own right is considered available (when the stepparent or parent of a minor parent is in the home);

(b) Job Training Partnership Act earnings of a child recipient or other type earnings of a full-time student during the six month exclusion period are not considered available;

(c) EITC payments are excluded, whether received as a monthly amount or as an annual amount.

(Original rule filed December 2, 1996; effective February 15, 1997.)

Authority: T.C.A. ยงยง 4-5-201 et seq., 71-1-105, Public Acts of 1996, Chapter 950, and 45 C.F.R. 233.20.

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