(1) Each sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership or other form of organization providing attest services to the public or using the title "CPAs," "CPA firm," "PAs," or "PA firm" shall obtain a permit from the Board for each office location for the ensuing calendar year. Applications for initial issuance and for renewal of permits shall be made on a form provided by the Board and, in the case of applications for renewal, shall be filed no earlier than two (2) months prior to and no later than the expiration date.
(2) All CPA and PA firm permits shall expire annually on December 31. Initial applications and renewals will not be considered filed until the applicable fee and all required documents prescribed in these Rules are received by the Board. If an application for renewal is filed late, it shall also be accompanied by the appropriate late renewal penalty.
(3) Initial applications and renewals for each office location shall disclose the following information and shall be signed by the resident manager of the office location.
(a) The name of the firm;
(b) The firm's organizational structure;
(c) The address of the office location;
(d) The name and address of each individual with an equity or voting interest in the firm;
(e) A listing of the percentage of equity ownership and voting rights of each owner of the firm;
(f) The percentage of the firm's normal business hours that each non-CPA owner spends working at the firm;
(g) The name, address, and certificate number of each certified public accountant or public accountant employed at the office location;
(h) The name, address and certificate number of the resident manager of the office location;
(i) The name and certificate number of each person responsible for supervising or providing attest services as contemplated by T.C.A. § 62-1-108(c)(2). The firm's initial application must include a completed experience affidavit for each of these individuals; and
(j) The type of peer review program in which the firm participates along with proof of compliance in a manner acceptable to the board.
(4) Every office location shall comply with the current statute and rules of the Tennessee State Board of Accountancy.
(5) This rule is applicable to offices located outside of this state where such offices are engaged in the practice of public accountancy as CPA firms in this state through any person(s) holding a reciprocal certificate.


Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 0020-01-.11
Original rule filed June 9, 1981; effective August 17, 1981. Amendment filed May 13, 1991; effective June 27, 1991. Amendment filed February 8, 1993; effective March 25, 1993. Amendment filed May 11, 1995; effective July 24, 1995. Repeal and new rule filed June 10, 1999; effective August 24, 1999. Amendment filed August 15, 2006; effective October 29, 2006. Amendments filed August 12, 2016; effective 11/10/2016.

Authority: T.C.A. §§ 62-1-103, 62-1-105, 62-1-108, 62-1-111, and 62-1-113.

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