Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 0440-01-.05 - REQUIREMENTS FOR SCHOOLS

Current through March 20, 2022

(1) Every school of cosmetology shall:
(a) Publish readily available and clearly expressed admission policies and requirements;
(b) Provide to prospective students (before enrollment) published materials which explain requirements for licensure as a cosmetologist, manicurist, instructor, natural hair stylist, or aesthetician in the State of Tennessee; however, if a school is licensed to provide instruction solely in natural hair styling, manicuring or aesthetics, the school shall only be responsible for providing documentation relative to licensure in the field in which the school provides instruction;
(c) Give a receipt to any student from whom money is collected by authorized school personnel;
(d) Submit to the office of the Board, on the prescribed form, a monthly progress report on each student enrolled. The monthly reports must be received no later than the tenth (10th) of each month for the previous month's hours of instruction. If reports are not submitted by this date, a penalty set by the Board will be issued for violation of this rule; and
(e) Teach a minimum ten percent (10%) of theory hours each week in each curriculum offered in a school. This requirement does not apply to students enrolled in an apprenticeship program authorized by this chapter.
(2) Applications to operate New Schools: Any person seeking licensure of a new school shall first pay the fee for licensure and submit to the board the following:
(a) A copy of the school's curriculum to be deemed acceptable by the board;
(b) A sample copy of the school's catalog, brochure, enrollment agreement, and cancellation and refund policies;
(c) A backup method for logging hours that have been earned by students; and
(d) A plan to keep all part-time and full-time student files separate.
(3) Transfers, Cancellations and Refunds
(a) The school shall maintain documentation that the refunds owed to students are issued within 45 days of the last day of the student's attendance.
(b) The school shall have a written policy that clearly defines how the school determines whether or not credit hours will be accepted from another institution. This policy shall apply to all students. Nothing in this rule shall require a school to accept credit hours from another institution except as provided in the school's policy.
(c) The school shall provide each student with a written policy of a teach-out program, or outline the student's options in the event the school closes for an extended period of time, such as by way of license revocation, natural disaster, or other unforeseen consequences. Schools are encouraged to partner with neighboring institutions to achieve the best outcome for students.
(4) The school shall keep a copy of all tests, evaluations, or progress reports in the student's file. The student must initial any evaluation or progress reports.
(5) Upon yearly renewal of license to operate the school shall submit a Board approved form disclosing changes to student enrollment agreements, or other school changes affecting students.


Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 0440-01-.05
Original rule certified June 10, 1974. Repeal and new rule filed February 23, 1983; effective March 25, 1983. Amendment filed August 21, 1987; effective October 5, 1987. Amendment filed January 13, 1989; effective February 27, 1989. Repeal and new rule filed July 10, 1997; effective September 23, 1997. Amendment filed May 25, 2004; effective August 8, 2004. Amendment filed September 2, 2015; effective December 1, 2015. Amendments filed March 9, 2017; effective June 7, 2017. Amendments filed December 12, 2017; effective 3/12/2018.

Authority: T.C.A. ยงยง 62-4-105(e), 62-4-120, and 62-4-122.

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