Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 1000-02-.05 - SCHOOLS - APPROVAL

(1) Purpose of Approval.
(a) To insure the safe practice of nursing by setting standards for schools preparing the practitioner.
(b) To encourage study and self-evaluation within the educational units for the development and improvement of educational programs.
(c) To assure maximum benefits for the students in courses supplied by all cooperating agencies.
(d) To insure graduates of approved schools eligibility for admission to the licensing examination.
(e) To provide a list of approved schools of nursing, and thus assist students and counselors in the selection of schools which offer approved programs in nursing.
(2) Application For Approval. An institution contemplating development of a program in practical nursing shall confer with the Board representative before the program begins so that assistance may be given in interpreting Board regulations and recommendations and in promoting establishment of a sound educational program.

During the planning period an advisory council shall be formed to aid authorities in studying the need for such a program in a community and determining suitability of resources and in serving in a liaison capacity with the community.

(3) Type of Approval.
(a) Initial Approval. If the school is found to meet Board standards, it shall be granted initial approval. This approval will extend through the period of time required for the first group of students to complete the program. Toward the end of this period, another visit will be made and a written report prepared for Board Review.
(b) Full Approval. If the school continues to be operated according to approved plans during the initial approval period, consideration for full approval status will be given. Renewal of full approval is based on reports, conferences, and surveys and shall be granted on a biennial basis.
(c) Conditional Approval. Conditional approval may be accorded by the Board to any school whenever the program or conditions within the institution are found to be substandard.
1. The need for major correction of such condition will be brought to the attention of the authorities with a definite period of time in which changes are to be made.
2. This period is in no case to exceed a total of one calendar year.
3. If satisfactory conditions are not amended within the defined period, the Board will remove this school from the approved list.
(d) Each class of the Tennessee Practical Nurse Program is considered for approval as requested.
(4) Renewal of Approval. Renewal is based on survey visits, conferences, and correspondence during the period and the annual report and is granted at the beginning of the calendar year. Any practical nursing school or class having a 15% or higher failure rate on State Board Test Pool Examination shall receive a warning from the Board. If changes, corrections, and/or adjustments relative to faculty, facilities, student admission, curriculum content and/or methods of teaching are not initiated within a specified time and such action approved by the Board, the school shall not admit a subsequent class.
(5) Closing of a School of Practical Nursing. When the controlling Board of an institution contemplates the closing of an approved school of practical nursing, it shall then notify the Board to this effect. An institution closing a school shall provide for safe storage of vital school records and such storage shall be subject to approval by the Board.
(6) School Surveys. Schools of nursing shall be visited at least every five years by the Executive Director or authorized Board staff. Survey visits shall be conducted more frequently if:
(a) There is concern regarding the school's compliance with the standards for nursing education programs;
(b) The Director of the nursing program changes; or
(c) A major curriculum change is proposed.


Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 1000-02-.05
Original rule certified May 10, 1974. Amendment filed September 18, 1985; effective October 18, 1985.

Authority: T.C.A. ยงยง 63-736(c),63-7-207, and 63-7-119.

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