(1) The board shall meet annually and elect officers.
(2) Minutes of the Board meetings and all records, documents, applications, and correspondence will be maintained in the administrative offices of the Board.
(3) All requests, applications, notices, complaints, other communications and correspondence shall be directed to the administrative office of the Board. Any requests or inquiries requiring a Board decision or official Board action except documents relating to disciplinary actions, declaratory orders or hearing requests must be received fourteen (14) days prior to a scheduled board meeting and will be retained in the administrative office and presented to the Board at the next scheduled Board meeting.
(4) Any member of the Board or a Board designee is vested with the authority to review and preliminarily approve licensure applications and continuing education courses. All such approvals shall be subsequently submitted to the full Board for its consideration for ratification.
(5) The Board shall elect one member to serve as consultant to the Division of Health Related Boards to make determinations for the board in the following areas:
(a) Whether and what type disciplinary actions should be instituted upon complaints received or investigations conducted by the Division.
(b) Whether and under what terms a disciplinary action might be informally settled. Any matter proposed for informal settlement must be subsequently considered by the full Board and either adopted or rejected.
(c) Whether sufficient cause exists for the execution of waivers pursuant to Rule 1045-02-.04(3). Any such decision must be subsequently considered by the full Board and either adopted or rejected.
(d) Whether and under what conditions a licensee who has failed to timely renew pursuant to Rule 1045-02-.04(4) may be allowed to renew. All such actions must be subsequently considered by the full Board and either adopted, rejected or modified.
(e) Whether and under what circumstances a retired license may be reinstated. All such decisions must be subsequently considered by the full Board and either, approved, rejected or modified.
(6) Reconsiderations and Stays - The Board authorizes the member who chaired the Board for a contested case to be the agency member to make the decisions authorized pursuant to rule 1360-4-1-.18 regarding petitions for reconsiderations and stays in that case.
(7) Requests for written verification of a licensee's current status or a Certificate of Identification (Certificate of Fitness in Division Law) must be made in writing to the Board administrative office.
(8) Requests for duplicate or replacement licenses must be made in writing to the Board administrative office and contain the information required by T.C.A. § 63-8-112(9) and be accompanied by the fee provided in Rule 1045-02-.01(1)(c).


Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 1045-02-.06
Original rule filed May 15, 1981; effective July 22, 1981. Repeal and new rule filed November 30, 1990; effective January 14, 1991. Amendment filed July 22, 2002; effective October 5, 2002. Amendment filed February 26, 2009; effective May 12, 2009.

Authority: T.C.A. §§ 4-5-202, 4-5-204, 63-1-142, 63-8-111, 63-8-112, 63-8-112(1), 63-8-112(8), 63-8-112(9), 63-8-107(a), 63-8-107(b), 63-8-115, 63-8-119, 63-8-120, 63-8-120(b), 63-8-120(d), 63-8-121, and Public Chapter 295, Acts of 1993.

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