Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 1160-01-.05 - COURSE OF STUDY FOR INTERNSHIP

(1) Following notification of approval to act as an intern sponsor, the sponsor should review the intern's notebook, prepared during the intern's attendance at polygraph school, to determine that the intern has received adequate basic instruction in all phases of physiology; psychology; question formulation; test question wording; techniques; instrumentation; chart interpretation; and other areas to provide the intern with knowledge necessary to pursue advance training in detection of deception.
(2) Based upon this review and interview of the intern, the sponsor will determine the areas in which the intern appears weak or lacking basic understanding and will concentrate on these areas during the appropriate phase of the intern training.
(3) During the first month of internship, the intern will:
(a) Study and become thoroughly knowledgeable of the Tennessee Polygraph Examiners Act, and the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder.
(b) Observe the sponsor conduct polygraph examinations, and analyze polygraph charts to demonstrate the intern's understanding of basic test construction, question formulation, and criteria for interpretation of truth and deception in polygraph examinations.
(c) Conduct polygraph examinations under the direct supervision, and in the presence, of the sponsor.
(d) Demonstrate proficiency in the operation of polygraph instruments, and be able to problem solve basic mechanical and electrical malfunctions of the instruments.
(4) During the second month of internship:
(a) The sponsor will provide assistance and instruction necessary to assure that the intern understands the theory of Psychological Set, and that the intern demonstrates proficiency in formulation and introduction of control questions in the conduct of polygraph examinations utilizing the Backster; Zone of Comparison; MGZT (Mixed General Questions Test); Reid; R/I (Relevant/Irrelevant); and Peak of Tension polygraph techniques, and any other generally accepted testing techniques. Provided, however, that in no way should the aforementioned listing be utilized to limit the development and implementation of new polygraph techniques.
(b) The intern will be permitted to conduct pre-employment, periodic, and specific polygraph examinations with limited supervision of the sponsor, if the geographic location of the sponsor and intern prevents direct supervision.
(c) The sponsor will review each examination conducted by the intern to ensure that the intern is utilizing proper techniques, chart markings, and proper criteria in analyzing polygraph recordings.
(d) The intern will demonstrate to the sponsor's satisfaction that he/she is knowledgeable of legal aspects of the polygraph technique.
(5) At the conclusion of each sixty-day period, the sponsor will review with the intern the progress report submitted to the Commissioner.
(6) During the remaining ten (10) months of an intern's internship period, the sponsor, at least one (1) time per week, will be physically present to observe the intern administer polygraph examinations and the sponsor will be available to assist the intern with any problems encountered relating to polygraph matters.
(7) Throughout the period of internship, the intern will complete hypothetical problems (prepared by the sponsor) requiring construction of polygraph tests utilizing various approved techniques; and the sponsor will conduct a comprehensive interview of the intern to ensure that he/she is property prepared to successfully complete the examination for a license as a polygraph examiner.


Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 1160-01-.05
Original rule filed August 26, 1986; effective November 29, 1986. Amendment filed September 19, 2003; effective December 3, 2003. Amendment filed December 14, 2006; effective February 27, 2007. Amendments filed July 7, 2017; effective October 5, 2017. Amendments filed March 22, 2023; effective 6/20/2023.

Authority: T.C.A. ยงยง 62-27-105, 62-27-111, 62-35-129, and 62-35-143.

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