Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 1180-01-.05 - RENEWAL OF LICENSE OR CERTIFICATION

(1) Renewal application.
(a) The due date for license renewal is the expiration date indicated on the licensee's initial certificate of registration or renewal certificate.
(b) Methods of Renewal - Licensee and certificate holders may accomplish renewal by one (1) of the following methods:
1. Internet Renewals - Individuals may apply for renewal via the Internet. The application to renew can be accessed at:


2. Paper Renewals - Licensee and certificate holders who have not renewed their authorization online via the Internet will have a renewal application form mailed to them at the last address provided by them to the Board. Failure to receive such notification does not relieve the individual of the responsibility of timely meeting all requirements for renewal.
(c) A license issued pursuant to these rules is renewable by the expiration date. To be eligible for renewal the licensee must submit the following to the Division on or before the expiration date of the license:
1. A completed and signed renewal application form.
2. The renewal and state regulatory fees as provided in rule 1180-1-.03.
(d) Licensees or certificate holders who fail to comply with the renewal rules or notification received by them concerning failure to timely renew shall have their licenses or certificates processed pursuant to rule 1200-10-1-.10.
(2) Reinstatement of an Expired License or Certificate.
(a) Licenses or certificates that have expired may be reinstated upon meeting the following conditions:
1. Payment of all past due renewal fees;
2. Payment of the late renewal fee provided in rule 1180-1-.03;
3. Compliance with continuing education requirements in rule 1180-1-.08; and
4. If the license has been expired for more than five (5) years, successfully pass the jurisprudence and ethics examination, pay the jurisprudence and ethics examination exam fee as provided in rule 1180-1-.03, and obtain six (6) months of supervision.
(b) Renewal issuance decisions pursuant to this rule may be made administratively, upon review by the Board Administrator.
(c) Anyone submitting a signed renewal form or letter which is found to be false may be subjected to disciplinary action as provided in T.C.A. § 63-11-215 and rule 1180-1-.10.


Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 1180-01-.05
Original rule filed September 12, 1974; effective October 12, 1974. Repeal and new rule filed June 6, 1978; effective September 28, 1978. Repeal and new rule filed September 29, 1995; effective December 13, 1995. Repeal and new rule filed August 29, 2000; effective November 12, 2000. Amendment filed August 29, 2000; effective November 12, 2000. Amendment filed June 18, 2002; effective November 1, 2002. Amendment filed May 15, 2003; effective July 29, 2003. Amendment filed November 9, 2005; effective January 23, 2006. However, Stay of Effective Date filed by the Board of Examiners in Psychology on January 20, 2006; new effective date March 23, 2006.

Authority: T.C.A. §§ 4-5-202, 4-5-204, 63-1-107, 63-11-104, 63-11-201, 63-11-206, 63-11-207, 63-11-208, 63-11-209, 63-11-210, 63-11-215, and 63-11-218.

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