Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 1200-03-01-.01 - GENERAL RULES

(1) These regulations are intended to implement provisions of the "Tennessee Air Quality Act" (Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 53-3408, et seq.) and shall be known and cited as the Tennessee Air Pollution Control Regulations.
(2) These regulations are based upon the premise that the basic and foremost function of the air is to sustain life and that air in its purest state is best suited for this need. It is intended that these regulations assist in maintaining an equitable balance between benefits of clean air and the economic cost of achieving clean air. More specifically, it is intended that these regulations define ambient air quality standards to be achieved and maintained and to provide for an orderly and equitable regulation of air quality by limiting emissions of air contaminants.
(3) The ambient air is the air surrounding us. Ambient air quality standards determine the level of air quality in which we will live, and should be used as tools in achieving cleaner air, not as a permit to unnecessarily degrade air quality. Polluted air can be a menace to all forms of life and, therefore, the disposal of wastes into the atmosphere must be controlled.
(4) Ambient air quality standards are further intended to promote the maximum use of property. When the problems involved are aesthetic in nature, an equitable economic balance must be achieved. When a health hazard is involved, there can be no compromise.
(5) The requirements for limiting airborne contaminants must relate effects on men, animals, vegetation, and property to pollutant concentration at the point of contact. This, in turn, must be correlated with the source or sources. When multiple sources of a pollutant exist in an area, a limitation of the emission from each source must be exercised, and the individual contribution to the total pollutant load in the area must be reduced to insure compliance with the ambient air quality standards. This is accomplished by the application of emission standards.
(6) An emission standard is a limit on the amount of air contaminant emitted from a source, and is intended to bring the ambient air within acceptable air quality limits.
(7) These standards will be modified from time to time, as additional information on air contaminants and sources of air pollution are developed and evaluated.


Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 1200-03-01-.01
Original Rule certified June 7, 1974. Rule Amended: Filed January 10, 1977; Effective February 9, 1977.

Authority: T.C.A. Section 53-3412.

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