(1) No person shall cause, suffer, allow, or permit particulate emissions in excess of the standards in this Chapter.
(2) In any area where one or more sources are emitting particulates at rates in conformity with applicable maximum allowable emission rates and the ambient air quality standard for particulate matter is being exceeded, the Board shall be responsible for setting an appropriate emission standard for each source contributing to the particulate matter in the ambient air of the area, at such value as the Board may consider necessary to achieve the desired air quality.

Certain areas in the state have been identified as needing additional control beyond that required by this Chapter. These areas and the additional control requirements are stated in Chapter 1200-03-19.

(3) The owner or operator of an existing process emission source proposing to make a modification of this source or to rebuild or to replace it shall only take such action if it will result in the source meeting the maximum allowable particulate emissions standard for a new process emission source.
(4) Limiting the Effect of the Definition of Modification. For the purpose of determining the applicable particulate matter emission standards in this chapter, a change in fuel from natural gas, propane, butane, and/or fuel oil to any of these herein named fuels and any required alternations to existing fuel burning equipment to accommodate these fuels, shall not be considered a modification.
(5) Upon mutual agreement of the owner or operator of any air contaminant source and the Technical Secretary, an emission limit more restrictive than that otherwise specified in this chapter may be established. This emission limit shall be stated as a special condition for any permit or order issued concerning the source. Violation of this agreed to, more stringent emission standard is grounds for revocation of the issued permit and/or other enforcement measures provided for in the Tennessee Air Quality Act


Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 1200-03-07-.01
Original rule certified June 7, 1974. Amendment filed May 17, 1978; effective June 16, 1978. Amendment filed February 5, 1979; effective March 21, 1979. Amendment filed September 21, 1988; effective November 6, 1988. Amendments filed June 6, 2018; effective 9/4/2018.

Authority: T.C.A. ยงยง 4-5-201, et seq.; 4-5-202; 53-3412; 68-25-105; 68-201-101, et seq.; 68-201-105; and 68-201-201, et seq.

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