(1) Adopted herein by reference are the Federal regulations 40 CFR 61 Subpart Q as published in the December 15, 1989 edition of the Federal Register: (See Paragraph (3) of this Rule for text).
(2) Agreements regarding waivers, compliance reports, testing, and monitoring between the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency will be recognized by the Tennessee Division of Air Pollution Control providing these agreements are current, valid, and supported by appropriate documentation.
(3)40 CFR PART 61 -Subpart Q-National Emission Standards for Radon Emissions From Department of Energy Facilities

SOURCE: 54 FR 51701, Dec. 15, 1989, unless otherwise noted.

§ 61.190 Designation of facilities.

The provisions of this subpart apply to the design and operation of all storage and disposal facilities for radium-containing material (i.e., byproduct material as defined under section 11.e(2) of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 (as amended)) that are owned or operated by the Department of Energy that emit radon-222 into air, including these facilities: The Feed Materials Production Center, Fernald, Ohio; the Niagara Falls Storage Site, Lewiston, New York; the Weldon Spring Site, Weldon Spring, Missouri; the Middlesex Sampling Plant, Middlesex, New Jersey; the Monticello Uranium Mill Tailings Pile, Monticello, Utah. This subpart does not apply to facilities listed in, or designated by the Secretary of Energy under title I of the Uranium Mill Tailings Control Act of 1978.

§ 61.191 Definitions.

(a) As used in this subpart, all terms not defined here have the meaning given them in the Clean Air Act or subpart A of part 61. The following terms shall have the following specific meanings:
(b) Facility means all buildings, structures and operations on one contiguous site.
(c) Source means any building, structure, pile, impoundment or area used for interim storage or disposal that is or contains waste material containing radium in sufficient concentration to emit radon-222 in excess of this standard prior to remedial action.

§ 61.192 Standard.

2 No source at a Department of Energy facility shall emit more than 20 pCi/ m -s of radon-222 as an average for the entire source, into the air. This requirement will be part of any Federal Facilities

Agreement reached between Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy.

§ 61.193 Exemption from the reporting and testing requirements of 40 CFR 61.10.

All facilities designated under this subpart are exempt from the reporting requirements of 40 CFR 61.10.


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