Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 1660-01-26-.03 - FISH FARMING

(1) Any person, firm, or corporation, before engaging in the business of fish farming, must purchase a Fish Dealer's License. A separate license is required for each fish farm.
(2) The following species are approved for use in fish farming operations:

(a) Common Name

Scientific Name

Skipjack Herring

Alosa chrysochloris

Gizzard Shad

Dorosoma cepedianum

Threadfin Shad

Dorosoma petenense


Carassius auratus

Fathead Minnow

Pimephales promelas

Golden Shiner

Notemigonus crysoleucas


Lepomis spp. and their hybrids

Rainbow Trout

Oncorhynchus mykiss

Brown Trout

Salmo trutta

Atlantic Salmon

Salmo salar

Channel Catfish

Ictalurus punctatus

Blue Catfish

Ictalurus furcatus

Channel x Blue Catfish

Ictalurus punctatus x Ictalurus furcatus

Flathead Catfish

Pylodictis olivaris

Largemouth Bass

Micropterus salmoides

Florida bass

Micropterus floridanus

Largemouth x Florida Bass

Micropterus salmoides x M. floridanus

Smallmouth Bass

Micropterus dolomieu

Hybrid Striped Bass

Morone chrysops x M. saxatilis

Black Crappie

Pomoxis nigromaculatus

White Crappie

Pomoxis annularis

Black x White Crappie

Pomoxis nigromaculatus x P. annularis

Blue tilapia

Oreochromis aureus

Wami tilapia

Oreochromis urolepis

Nile tilapia

Oreochromis nilotica

Mozambique tilapia

Oreochromis mossambica

Common Carp and Koi

Cyprinus carpio

(b) Triploid Grass Carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) certified by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

(c) Sunfish (Bream) four inches (4") in length or smaller may be sold for bait.

(d) Species of fish and aquatic life other than those listed may be used in fish farming with written approval of the Executive Director of the TWRA.

(3) Fish farming facilities must be constructed to prevent the movement of fish into or out of the facility.
(4) Approved species may be sold live for stocking private ponds and lakes.
(5) All fish and other aquatic life sold, donated, delivered, or otherwise disposed of, must be accompanied by an invoice that includes:
(a) The signature of the licensee or his/her agent;
(b) The name, license number, and location of the fish farm;
(c) The date of sale or delivery;
(d) The species and number of fish delivered; and
(e) The name and address of the person receiving the fish or other aquatic life.
(6) All invoices issued by a fish farming operation must be consecutively numbered.
(7) The licensee shall retain a copy of the invoice for a period of one year after issuance, and shall make the copy available for inspection by any representative of the TWRA.
(8) Any person transporting or possessing fish obtained from a fish farm must have a copy of the invoice on their person.


Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 1660-01-26-.03
Original rule filed March 30, 1994; effective June 13, 1994. Amendment filed January 5, 2001; effective March 22, 2001. Rule was previously numbered 1660-01-26-.02 but was renumbered 1660-01-26-.03 with the introduction of a new rule 1660-01-26-.02. Amendments filed November 18, 2019; effective 2/16/2020.

Authority: T.C.A. ยงยง 70-1-206 and 70-2-221.

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