Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 1660-02-01-.01 - APPLICATION FOR CERTIFICATE OF NUMBER

(1) All applications for a Certificate of Number shall include the following information and shall be submitted on forms furnished by the Wildlife Resources Agency.
(a) Name and address of owner, including zip code;
(b) Owner identifier, which must be the owner's social security number, or date of birth together with driver's license number, or date of birth together with TWRA Identification Number.
(c) Present TN number (if any) on vessel;
(d) Hull materials: Authorized terms are "aluminum," "fiberglass," "plastic," "rubber/vinyl/ canvas," "steel," "wood," or "other";
(e) Type of propulsion: Authorized terms are "air thrust," "manual," "propeller," "sail," "water jet," or "other."
(f) Fuel: Authorized terms are "electric," "diesel," "gas," or "other."
(g) Make and model of vessel.
(h) Model year of vessel.
(i) Overall length of vessel (in feet and inches);
(j) Primary operation: Authorized terms are, "charter fishing," "commercial fishing," "commercial passenger carrying," "dealer or manufacturer demonstration," "other commercial operation," "pleasure," or "rent or lease."
(k) Signature of owner.
(l) Vessel type: Authorized terms are "air boat," "auxiliary sail," "cabin motorboat," "houseboat," "inflatable boat," "open motorboat," "paddlecraft," "personal watercraft," "pontoon boat," "rowboat," "sail only," or "other."
(m) Engine drive type: Authorized terms are "inboard," "outboard," "pod drive," "sterndrive," or "other."
(n) State of principal operation.
(o) Indicate whether the application is for a new number, renewal of a number, or transfer of ownership.
(p) Manufacturer's hull identification number (if any).
(2) All requirements of paragraph (1) shall apply to rental boats, except that a description of motor, if any, and type of fuel need not be completed on the application in every case where the engines is not rented as part of the boat.
(3) Paragraph (1) shall apply for dealers' or manufacturers' vessels except a description of the vessel shall not be required since the number issued may be transferred from one vessel to another. In lieu of the description, the word "manufacturer" or "dealer" as appropriate will be plainly indicated on the application.
(a) Application for a dealer or manufacturer certificate must be accompanied by a notarized copy (copies) of the dealer/manufacturer license to conduct such business and the sale tax number issued to said business.
(b) A dealer and manufacturer certificate is to be used only for demonstration and or testing purposes and may be transferred from boat to boat. However, no certificate may be used to operate more than one boat at the same time and each boat operated simultaneously requires a separate certificate.
(4) Application for a duplicate certificate of Number containing the information as required by paragraph (1) of these regulations shall be made if the Certificate of Number is lost or destroyed. Such an application shall be made within fifteen (15) days of loss or destruction.
(5) The application for number by a new owner of a vessel bearing a Tennessee number shall, for purpose of fee, be regarded as an original application for number and the number issued shall be identical to the previous one, except where a lien holder requires title or lawful possession by virtue of his lien, in which case a new number shall be issued.
(6) Applications for a consignment vessel, certificate of number, shall adhere to the following guidelines:
(a) A consignment vessel is one which is owned by a vessel manufacturer or boat dealer, and is consigned to an individual or other entity for a period of time for demonstration or advertising use, and for which no sale has occurred.
(b) A consignment vessel certificate of number may only be issued to a vessel manufacturer or boat dealer located in Tennessee.
(c) Applications for consignment vessels shall be made using the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency "application for boat certificate of number" (WR0292), and include all applicable information outlined in 1660-02-01-.02 (Issuance of Certificate of Number).
(d) Applications must be accompanied by proof of manufacturer's or dealer's status which shall include at least the company name, Manufacturer Identification Code, location of the company office, and United States tax identification number or tax number issued by the Tennessee Department of Revenue.
(e) The application fee shall be the same as any other vessel of the same length.
(f) Applications for consignment vessels may be made only with the Nashville office of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.
(g) The certificate of number shall be issued in the name of the manufacturer's or dealer's business name.
(h) If the vessel is sold at the end of the consignment period, it must be sold as a used vessel.
(i) The vessel number will remain unchanged at the time of sale unless the state of principal use changes or as outlined in 1660-02-01-.01(5), 1660-02-01-.02(8) or 1660-02-01-.02(9).


Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 1660-02-01-.01
Original rule certified May 8, 1974. Amendment filed April 16, 1993; effective May 31, 1993. Amendment filed October 16, 1996; effective December 28, 1996. Amendment filed April 3, 2008; effective June 17, 2008. Amendments filed March 31, 2017; effective 6/29/2017.

Authority: T.C.A. ยงยง 69-9-209 and 70-1-206.

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