Sec. 77.21 - Registration Renewal Requirements - Provider

§ 77.21. Registration Renewal Requirements - Provider

(a) A registration must be renewed annually for a provider to continue operating in this state.

(b) Non-receipt of a registration renewal notice from the department does not exempt a person from any requirements of this chapter.

(c) To renew a registration, a provider must submit on department-approved forms :

(1) a completed application ;

(2) the number of service contracts sold or issued in the preceding 12-month period;

(3) the updated lists of information required under § 77.20(d);

(4) a completed personal information form from any controlling person as defined in Texas Occupations Code § 1304.0035 whose information provided previously has changed or who has never submitted a personal information form ;

(5) a completed criminal history questionnaire from each controlling person as defined in Texas Occupations Code § 1304.0035, if applicable;

(6) the fee required under § 77.80; and

(7) proof of new or continuing financial security required under § 77.40.

(d) A person may not perform work requiring registration under Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 1304 or this chapter with an expired registration.

(The provisions of this § 66.21 adopted to be effective February 1, 2006, 31 TexReg 487; amended by Texas Register, Volume 40, Number 01, January 2, 2015, TexReg 60, eff. January 15, 2015)

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