Title R58 - Animal Industry

  1. Rule R58-1 - Admission, Identification, and Inspection of Livestock, Poultry, and Other Animals (§ R58-1-1 to R58-1-19)
  2. Rule R58-2 - Diseases, Inspections, and Quarantines (§ R58-2-1 to R58-2-4)
  3. Rule R58-3 - Brucellosis Vaccination Requirements (§ R58-3-1 to R58-3-3)
  4. Rule R58-4 - Use of Animal Drugs and Biologicals (§ R58-4-1 to R58-4-3)
  5. Rule R58-6 - Poultry and Captive-Raised Gamebirds (§ R58-6-1 to R58-6-9)
  6. Rule R58-7 - Livestock Markets, Satellite Video Livestock Market, Livestock Sales, Dealers, and Livestock Market Weighpersons (§ R58-7-1 to R58-7-8)
  7. Rule R58-11 - Slaughter of Livestock and Poultry (§ R58-11-1 to R58-11-9)
  8. Rule R58-12 - Record Keeping and Carcass Identification at Meat Exempt (Custom Cut) Establishments (§ R58-12-1 to R58-12-4)
  9. Rule R58-13 - Custom Exempt Slaughter (§ R58-13-1 to R58-13-4)
  10. Rule R58-14 - Holding Live Raccoons or Coyotes in Captivity (§ R58-14-1 to R58-14-4)
  11. Rule R58-15 - Collection of Annual Fees for the Wildlife Damage Prevention Act (§ R58-15-1 to R58-15-5)
  12. Rule R58-17 - Aquaculture and Aquatic Animal Health (§ R58-17-1 to R58-17-22)
  13. Rule R58-18 - Elk Farming (§ R58-18-1 to R58-18-15)
  14. Rule R58-19 - Compliance Procedures (§ R58-19-1 to R58-19-5)
  15. Rule R58-20 - Elk Ranches (§ R58-20-1 to R58-20-18)
  16. Rule R58-21 - Trichomoniasis (§ R58-21-1 to R58-21-7)
  17. Rule R58-22 - Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) (§ R58-22-1 to R58-22-4)
  18. Rule R58-23 - Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA) (§ R58-23-1 to R58-23-7)
  19. Rule R58-24 - [Repealed] (§ R58-24-1 to R58-24-8)
  20. Rule R58-26 - Custom Exempt Slaughter Verification of Ownership (§ R58-26-1 to R58-26-9)
  21. Rule R58-27 - Aquaculture, Brokering, Aquatic Animal Processing, and Fee Fishing Licensing (§ R58-27-1 to R58-27-12)
  22. Rule R58-28 - Veterinarian Education Loan Repayment Program (§ R58-28-1 to R58-28-4)

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