R58-11-10 - Enforcement Procedures

(1) Livestock and Poultry Slaughtering License.
(a) It shall be unlawful for any person to slaughter or assist in slaughtering livestock and poultry as a business outside of a licensed slaughterhouse unless they hold a valid Farm Custom Slaughtering License issued by the department.
(b) Only persons who comply with Title 4, Chapter 32, Utah Meat and Poultry Products Inspection and Licensing Act and associated rules, and Title 4, Chapter 24, Utah Livestock Brand and Anti-Theft Act, shall be entitled to receive and retain a license.
(c) License may be renewed annually and shall expire on the 31st of December of each year.
(2) Suspension of license license may be suspended whenever:
(a) the department has reason to believe that an eminent public health hazard exists;
(b) insanitary conditions are such that carcasses would be rendered adulterated and or contaminated;
(c) the license holder has interfered with the department in the performance of its duties;
(d) the licensee violates Title 4, Chapter 32, the Utah Meat and Poultry Products Inspection and Licensing Act or Title 4, Chapter 24, Utah Livestock Brand and Anti-Theft Act or associated rules.
(3) The department may, pursuant to 9 CFR 500 suspend or terminate any exemption with respect to any person whenever the department finds that such action will aid in effectuating the purposes of the Act. Failure to comply with the conditions of the exemption, including failure to process poultry and poultry product under sanitation standards, may result in termination of an exemption, in addition to other penalties consistent with 9 CFR 318.13.
(4) Warning letter. In instances when a violation may have occurred a warning letter may be sent to the licensee that specifies the violations and affords the holder a reasonable opportunity to correct them.
(5) Hearings. Whenever a licensee has been given notice by the department that suspected violations may have occurred or when a license is suspended, they may have an opportunity for a hearing to state their views before the department.
(6) Reinstatement of Suspended Permit. Any person whose license has been suspended may make application for the purpose of reinstatement of the license. The department may then re-evaluate the applicant and conditions. If the applicant has demonstrated to the department that they will comply with the rules, the license may be reinstated.
(7) Detainment or Embargo. Any meat found in a food establishment that does not have the proper identification or any uninspected meat slaughtered by a licensee that does not meet the requirements of these rules may be detained or embargoed.
(8) Condemnation. Meat that is determined to be unfit for human consumption may be denatured or destroyed.


Utah Admin. Code R58-11-10 Adopted by Utah State Bulletin Number 2021-09, effective 4/12/2021 Amended by Utah State Bulletin Number 2022-03, effective 1/12/2022

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