12VAC30-10-600 - Prohibition against reassignment of provider claims

12VAC30-10-600. Prohibition against reassignment of provider claims

Payment for Medicaid services furnished by any provider under this plan is made only in accordance with the requirements of 42 CFR 447.10.

In the case of services furnished (during periods that do not exceed 14 continuous days in the case of an informal reciprocal arrangement or 90 continuous days (or such longer period as the Secretary may provide) in the case of an arrangement involving per diem, or other fee-for-time compensation) by or incident to the services of one physician to the patient of another physician who submits the claim for such services, payment shall be made to the physician submitting the claim (as if the services were furnished by, or incident to, the physician's services), but only if the claim identifies (in a manner specified by the Secretary) the physician who furnished the services.

(Derived from VR460-01-68, eff. November 5, 1990.)

Statutory Authority

Social Security Act Title XIX; 42 CFR 430 to end; all other applicable Statutory and regulatory sections.

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