12 Va. Admin. Code § 30-50-480 - Case management for foster care children

Current through Register Vol. 38, No. 9, December 20, 2021

A. Target group. Children or youth with behavioral disorders or emotional disturbances who are referred to treatment foster care by the Family Assessment and Planning Team of the Comprehensive Services Act for Youth and Families (CSA). "Child" or "youth" means any Medicaid eligible individual to 21 years of age who is otherwise eligible for CSA services. Family Assessment and Planning Teams (FAPT) are multidisciplinary teams of professionals established by each locality in accordance with §§ 2.1-753, 2.1-754, and 2.1-755 of the Code of Virginia to assess the needs of referred children. The FAPT shall develop individual services plans for youths and families who are reviewed by the team. The FAPT shall refer those children needing treatment foster care case management to a qualified participating case manager.
B. Services will be provided in the entire state.
C. Services are not comparable in amount, duration, and scope. Authority of § 1915(g)(1) of the Act is invoked to provide services without regard to the requirements of § 1902(a)(10)(B) of the Act.
D. Definition of services. Case management shall assist individuals eligible for Medicaid in gaining and coordinating access to necessary care and services appropriate to the needs of a child. Case management services will coordinate services to minimize fragmentation of care, reduce barriers, and link children with appropriate services to ensure comprehensive, continuous access to needed medical, social, educational, and other services appropriate to the needs of the child. The foster care case manager will provide:
1. Periodic assessments to determine clients' needs for psychosocial, nutritional, medical, and educational services.
2. Service planning by developing individualized treatment and service plans to describe what services and resources are needed to meet the service needs of the client and help access those resources. Such service planning shall not include performing medical and psychiatric assessment but shall include referrals for such assessments. The case manager shall collaborate closely with the FAPT and other involved parties in preparation of all case plans.
3. Coordination and referral by assisting the client in arranging for appropriate services and ensuring continuity of care for a child in treatment foster care. The case manager shall link the child to services and supports specified in the individualized treatment and service plan. The case manager shall directly assist the child to locate or obtain needed services and resources. The case manager shall coordinate services and service planning with other agencies and providers involved with the child by arranging, as needed, medical, remedial, and dental services.
4. Followup and monitoring by assessing ongoing progress in each case and ensuring services are delivered. The case manager shall continually evaluate and review each child's plan of care. The case manager shall collaborate with the FAPT and other involved parties on reviews and coordination of services to youth and families.
5. Education and counseling by guiding the client and developing a supportive relationship that promotes the service plan.
E. Provider participation. Any public or private child-placing agency licensed or certified by the Department of Social Services for treatment foster care may be a provider of treatment foster care case management.

Providers may bill Medicaid for case management for children in treatment foster care only when the services are provided by qualified treatment foster care case managers. The case manager must meet, at a minimum, the case worker qualifications found in the Minimum Standards for Licensed Child-Placing Agencies (22VAC40-130-10 et seq.).

F. Freedom of choice. Section 1915(g)(1) of the Act specifies that there shall be no restriction on free choice of qualified providers, in violation of § 1902(a)(23) of the Act. The state assures that there will be no restriction on a recipient's free choice of qualified providers of case management services. In addition, the state assures that case management services will not restrict an individual's free choice of providers of other Medicaid services.
1. Eligible recipients will have free choice of the providers of case management services.
2. Eligible recipients will have free choice of the providers of other medical care under the plan.
3. Eligible recipients will be free to refuse case management services.
G. Payment for case management services under the plan does not duplicate payments made to public agencies or private entities under other program authorities for this same purpose. The case management services will be funded from Medicaid service funds, not administrative. This case management service shall not be construed as case management under EPSDT.


12 Va. Admin. Code § 30-50-480
Derived from Virginia Register Volume 17, Issue 5, eff. January 1, 2001.

Statutory Authority

§ 32.1-325 of the Code of Virginia.

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