12 Va. Admin. Code § 5-481-3510 - Release for unrestricted use

Current through Register Vol.. 38, No. 17, April 11, 2022

Each person subject to a license under this part shall:

1. Not transfer or release for unrestricted use facilities or equipment contaminated with TENORM in excess of levels in Table 6.

Table 6. Acceptable Surface Contamination Levels1 for TENORM.
Alpha 5,000 dpm/100 cm2 15,000 dpm/100 cm2 1,000 dpm/100 cm2
Beta-gamma 5,000 dpm/100 cm2 15,000 dpm/100 cm2 1,000 dpm/100 cm2
1Where surface contamination by both alpha and beta-gamma emitting nuclides exists, the limits established for alpha and beta-gamma emitting nuclides should apply independently. 2As used in this table, dpm (disintegrations per minute) means the rate of emission by radioactive material as determined by correcting the counts per minute observed by an appropriate detector for background, efficiency, and geometric factors associated with the instrumentation. 3Measurements of average contamination level should not be averaged over more than one square meter. For objects of less surface area, the average should be derived for each object. 4The maximum contamination level applies to an area of not more than 100 cm2. 5The amount of removable radioactive material per 100 cm2 of surface area should be determined by wiping that area with dry filter or soft absorbent paper, applying moderate pressure, and assessing the amount of radioactive material on the wipe with an appropriate instrument of known efficiency. When removable contamination on objects of surface area A (where A is less than 100 sq. cm) is determined, the entire surface should be wiped and the contamination level multiplied by 100/A to convert a "per 100 sq. cm" basis. 6The average and minimum radiation levels associated with surface contamination resulting from beta-gamma emitters should not exceed 0.2 mrad/hr (2[MICRO]Gy/hr) at 1 cm, respectively, measured through not more than 7 milligrams per square centimeter of total absorber.
2. Not transfer or release for unrestricted use equipment contaminated with TENORM in excess of a surface gamma radiation level of 200 [MICRO]rem/hr at 1 cm excluding natural background; and
3. Not transfer land for unrestricted use where the concentration of radium-226 or radium-228 in soil averaged over any 100 square meters exceeds the background level by more than 185 Bq/kg (5 pCi/gm), averaged over any 15 cm layer of soil below the surface, unless compliance with 12VAC5-481-3490 B through D can be demonstrated.


12 Va. Admin. Code § 5-481-3510
Derived from Virginia Register Volume 22, Issue 25, eff. September 20, 2006; amended, Virginia Register Volume 24, Issue 18, eff. June 12, 2008.

Statutory Authority

§ 32.1-229 of the Code of Virginia.

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