20 Va. Admin. Code § 5-342-30 - Licensing of subscriber organizations

Current through Register Vol. 38, No. 3, September 27, 2021

A. Each entity seeking to conduct business as a subscriber organization, unless otherwise exempt or granted a waiver, shall obtain a license from the commission prior to commencing business operations. Each entity applying for a license to conduct business as a subscriber organization shall file an application with the clerk of the commission and contemporaneously provide a copy of the application to the investor-owned utility. If the applicant becomes aware of any material changes to any information within the application, the applicant shall inform the commission within 10 calendar days. Applications shall include the following information:
1. Legal name of the applicant, as well as any trade names.
2. Physical business addresses and telephone numbers of the applicant's principal office and all offices in Virginia.
3. A description of the applicant's authorized business structure, identifying the state authorizing such structure and date (e.g., if incorporated, the state and date of incorporation; if a limited liability company, the state issuing the certificate of organization and the date of issuance).
4. Name and business address of all principal corporate officers and directors, partners, and limited liability company (LLC) members, as appropriate.
5. If a foreign corporation, a copy of the applicant's authorization to conduct business in Virginia from the commission or if a domestic corporation, a copy of the certificate of incorporation from the commission.
6. A list of the states in which the applicant and the applicant's affiliates conduct business related to participation in a shared solar program, the names under which such business is conducted, and a description of the business conducted.
7. The applicant shall disclose if it is an affiliate of the incumbent utility. If it is, it shall further provide a description of internal controls the applicant has designed to ensure that the applicant and the applicant's employees, contractors, and agents that are engaged in the (i) merchant, operations, transmission, or reliability functions of the electric generation systems; or (ii) customer service, sales, marketing, metering, accounting, or billing functions do not receive information from the utility or from entities that provide similar functions for or on behalf of the utility as would give the affiliated subscriber organization an undue advantage over nonaffiliated subscriber organizations.
8. Name, title, and address of the applicant's registered agent in Virginia for service of process.
9. Name, title, address, telephone number, and email address of the applicant's liaison with the commission.
10. Description of the project to include the physical location and size (in kW AC) of the solar facility, expected in-service date, the identity of the complex being served, the expected number of subscribers to be served and any other pertinent information, as applicable.
11. Sufficient information to demonstrate, for purposes of licensure with the commission, financial fitness commensurate with the services proposed to be provided. Applicant shall submit the following information related to general financial fitness:
a. If available, proof of a minimum bond rating or other senior debt of "BBB-" or an equivalent rating by a major rating agency, or a guarantee with a guarantor possessing a credit rating of "BBB-" or higher from a major rating agency. If not available, other evidence that will demonstrate the applicant's financial responsibility;
b. If available, the applicant's audited balance sheet, income, and cash flow statements for the most recent fiscal year or published financial information such as the most recent Securities and Exchange commission forms 10-K and 10-Q. If not available, other financial information for the applicant or any other entity that provides financial resources to the applicant may be provided.
c. If applicable, information to demonstrate that the applicant is a bona fide nonprofit entity. The information provided shall establish that the applicant (i) has the status of a tax-exempt organization under § 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986; (ii) conducts its activities in a manner that serves public or charitable purposes rather than commercial purposes; (iii) will apply for qualification of projects that serve primarily or exclusively low-income customers; and (iv) was not created for the purpose of avoiding the financial fitness requirements or otherwise under the control of a for profit entity.
12. Sufficient information to demonstrate technical fitness commensurate with the service to be provided, to include:
a. A description of the applicant's experience developing solar facilities and engaging as a subscriber organization or other relevant services. Provide a discussion of the applicant's qualifications, including a summary of other projects developed and managed by the applicant with location, status, and operational history.
b. The names and a description of the managerial and technical experience of each principal officer and appropriate senior management person with direct responsibility for the business operations conducted in Virginia. Include a description of their experience related to developing solar facilities and providing shared solar services.
c. Billing service options supported by the utility of which the applicant intends to offer and a description of the applicant's billing capability including a description of any related experience.
13. A copy of the applicant's dispute resolution procedure, including the toll-free telephone number for the customer service department.
14. A copy of the applicant's proposed standard agreement it plans to use with prospective subscribers.
15. A $250 registration fee payable to the commission.
16. The following information related to the applicant's fitness to operate as a subscriber organization:
a. Disclosure of any (i) civil, criminal, or regulatory sanctions or penalties imposed or in place within the previous five years against the applicant, any of its affiliates, or any officer, director, partner, or member of an LLC or any of its affiliates, pursuant to any state or federal consumer protection law or regulation and (ii) felony convictions within the previous five years that relate to the business of the company or to an affiliate thereof, of any officer, director, partner, or member of an LLC.
b. Disclosure of whether any application for license or authority to conduct a similar type of business as it proposes to offer in Virginia has ever been denied, whether any license or authority issued to it or an affiliate has ever been suspended or revoked, and whether other sanctions have been imposed.
B. An officer with appropriate authority shall attest that all information supplied on the application for licensure is true and correct and that, if a license is granted, the applicant will abide by all applicable laws of the Commonwealth and regulations of the commission.
C. Any application that fails to provide all required information in this section, shall be regarded as incomplete. No action shall be taken on any application until deemed complete and filed.
D. Upon receipt of an application for a license to conduct business as a subscriber organization, the commission shall enter an order providing notice to appropriate persons and an opportunity for comments on the application. The commission shall issue a license to conduct business as a subscriber organization upon finding the applicant satisfies the requirements established by this chapter.
E. A license granted pursuant to this chapter is valid until revoked or suspended by the commission or until the subscriber organization abandons its license.
F. Commission approval is required for transfer or assignment of a license issued under this section to any third party. The commission may condition its approval on any terms it determines are appropriate to protect customers.


20 Va. Admin. Code § 5-342-30
Derived from Virginia Register Volume 37, Issue 11, eff. 1/1/2021.

Statutory Authority: § 12.1-13 and 56-585.1:12 of the Code of Virginia.

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