22 Va. Admin. Code § 30-80-45 - Conditions of participation in the program

A. Provider agreement for ALF.
1. As a condition of participation in the AG, the ALF provider is required to complete and submit to the department a signed provider agreement as stipulated in this section. The agreement is to be submitted prior to the ALF accepting AG payment for qualified individuals. A copy of the ALF's current license must be submitted with the provider agreement.
2. The ALF provider shall agree to the following conditions in the provider agreement to participate in the AG:
a. Provide services in accordance with all laws, regulations, policies, and procedures that govern the provision of services in the facility;
b. Submit an annual certification form by October 1 of each year;
c. Care for individuals with AG in accordance with the requirements in this chapter at the current established rate;
d. Refrain from charging the individual, his family, or his authorized personal representative a security deposit or any other form of compensation as a condition of admission or continued stay in the facility;
e. Accept the established rate as payment in full for services rendered;
f. Account for the personal needs allowances in a separate bank account and apart from other facility funds and issue a statement to each individual regarding his account balance that includes any payments deposited or withdrawn during the previous calendar month;
g. Provide a 60-day written notice to the regional licensing office in the event of the facility's closure or ownership change;
h. Provide written notification of the date and place of an individual's discharge or the date of an individual's death to the local department of social services determining the individual's AG eligibility and to the qualified assessor within 10 days of the individual's discharge or death; and
i. Return to the local department of social services determining the individual's AG eligibility, all AG funds received after the death or discharge date of an individual in the facility.
B. As a condition of participation in the AG, the AFC provider shall be approved by a local department of social services and comply with the requirements set forth in 22VAC30-120.
C. Provider agreement for SH.
1. As a condition of participating in the AG , the SH provider shall enter an agreement with DBHDS pursuant to § 37.2-421.1 of the Code of Virginia.
2. The SH provider shall submit a copy of the executed agreement and a copy of its current DBHDS license prior to the SH provider receiving payments from the AG on behalf of qualified individuals.
3. The SH provider shall provide SH services for each individual in accordance with § 37.2-421.1 of the Code of Virginia and all other applicable laws, regulations, and policies and procedures.
D. ALFs , AFC homes, or SH providers providing services to AG recipients may accept third-party payments made by persons or entities for the actual costs of goods or services that have been provided to the AG recipient. The department shall not include such payments as income for the purpose of determining eligibility for or calculating the amount of an AG provided that the payment is made:
1. Directly to the ALF , AFC home, or SH provider by the third party on behalf of the individual after the goods or services have been provided;
2. Voluntarily by the third party, and not in satisfaction of a condition of admission, continued stay, or provision of proper care and services, unless the AG recipient's physical needs exceed the services required to be provided by the ALF, AFC, or SH provider as a condition of participation in the AG; and
3. For specific goods or services provided to the individual other than food, shelter, or other specific goods or services required to be provided by the ALF , AFC home, or SH provider as a condition of participation in the AG .
E. Third-party payments shall not be used to pay for a private room in an ALF or AFC home.
F. ALFs , AFC homes, and SH providers shall document all third-party payments received on behalf of an individual, including the source, amount, and date of the payment, and the goods or services for which such payments were made. Documentation related to the third-party payments shall be provided to the department upon request.
G. ALFs , AFC homes, and SH providers shall provide each AG recipient and his authorized representative with a written list of the goods and services that shall be covered by the AG as defined in this chapter, including a clear statement that the facility shall not charge an individual or the individual's family or authorized representative additional amounts for goods or services included on such list. This statement shall be signed by the AG recipient or authorized representative as acknowledgment of receipt and shall be made available to the department upon request.


22 Va. Admin. Code § 30-80-45
Derived From Virginia Register Volume 30, Issue 2, eff. October 23, 2013; Amended, Virginia Register Volume 34, Issue 01, eff. 10/4/2017; Amended, Virginia Register Volume 35, Issue 10, eff. 2/6/2019.

Statutory Authority: §§ 51.5-131 and 51.5-160 of the Code of Virginia.

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