22 Va. Admin. Code § 40-73-520 - Activity and recreational requirements

A. Activities for residents shall:
1. Support the skills and abilities of residents in order to promote or maintain their highest level of independence or functioning;
2. Accommodate individual differences by providing a variety of types of activities and levels of involvement; and
3. Offer residents a varied mix of weekly activities including those that are physical; social; cognitive, intellectual, or creative; productive; sensory; reflective or contemplative; involve nature or the natural world; and weather permitting, outdoor activity. Any given activity may involve more than one of these. Community resources as well as facility resources may be used to provide activities.
B. Resident participation in activities.
1. Residents shall be encouraged but not forced to participate in activity programs offered by the facility and the community.
2. During an activity, each resident shall be encouraged but not coerced to join in at his level of functioning, to include observing.
3. Any restrictions on participation imposed by a physician shall be documented in the resident's record.
C. Activities shall be planned under the supervision of the administrator or other qualified staff person who shall encourage involvement of residents and staff in the planning.
D. In a facility licensed for residential living care only, there shall be at least 11 hours of scheduled activities available to the residents each week for no less than one hour each day.
E. In a facility licensed for both residential and assisted living care, there shall be at least 14 hours of scheduled activities available to the residents each week for no less than one hour each day.
F. During an activity, when needed to ensure that each of the following is adequately accomplished, there shall be staff persons or volunteers to:
1. Lead the activity;
2. Assist the residents with the activity;
3. Supervise the general area;
4. Redirect any residents who require different activities; and
5. Protect the health, safety, and welfare of the residents participating in the activity.
G. The staff person or volunteer leading the activity shall have a general understanding of the following:
1. Attention spans and functional levels of the residents ;
2. Methods to adapt the activity to meet the needs and abilities of the residents;
3. Various methods of engaging and motivating residents to participate; and
4. The importance of providing appropriate instruction, education, and guidance throughout the activity.
H. Adequate supplies and equipment appropriate for the program activities shall be available in the facility.
I. There shall be a written schedule of activities that meets the following criteria:
1. The schedule of activities shall be developed at least monthly.
2. The schedule shall include:
a. Group activities for all residents or small groups of residents; and
b. The name, if any, and the type, date, and hour of the activity.
3. If one activity is substituted for another, the change shall be noted on the schedule.
4. The current month's schedule shall be posted in a conspicuous location in the facility or otherwise be made available to residents and their families.
5. The schedule of activities for the past two years shall be kept at the facility.
6. If a resident requires an individual schedule of activities, that schedule shall be a part of the individualized service plan.
J. The facility shall promote access to the outdoors.
K. In addition to the required scheduled activities, there shall be unscheduled staff and resident interaction throughout the day that fosters an environment that promotes socialization opportunities for residents.


22 Va. Admin. Code § 40-73-520
Derived From Virginia Register Volume 34, Issue 6, eff. February 1, 2018.

Statutory Authority: §§ 63.2-217, 63.2-1732, 63.2-1802, 63.2-1805, and 63.2-1808 of the Code of Virginia.

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