9VAC25-580-270 - Free product removal

9VAC25-580-270. Free product removal

At sites where investigations under subdivision A 6 of 9VAC25-580-250 indicate the presence of free product, owners and operators must remove free product to the maximum extent practicable as determined by the board while continuing, as necessary, any actions initiated under 9VAC25-580-240 through 9VAC25-580-260, or preparing for actions required under 9VAC25-580-280. In meeting the requirements of this section, owners and operators must:

1. Conduct free product removal in a manner that minimizes the spread of contamination into previously uncontaminated zones by using recovery and disposal techniques appropriate to the hydrogeologic conditions at the site, and that properly treats, discharges or disposes of recovery by-products in compliance with applicable local, state and federal regulations;

2. Use abatement of free product migration as a minimum objective for the design of the free product removal system;

3. Handle any flammable products in a safe and competent manner to prevent fires or explosions; and

4. Unless directed to do otherwise by the board, prepare and submit to the board, within 45 days after confirming a release, a free product removal report that provides at least the following information:

a. The name of the persons responsible for implementing the free product removal measures;

b. The estimated quantity, type, and thickness of free product observed or measured in wells, bore holes, and excavations;

c. The type of free product recovery system used;

d. Whether any discharge will take place on-site or off-site during the recovery operation and where this discharge will be located;

e. The type of treatment applied to, and the effluent quality expected from, any discharge;

f. The steps that have been or are being taken to obtain necessary permits for any discharge; and

g. The disposition of the recovered free product.

(Derived from VR680-13-02 § 6.5, eff. October 25, 1989; amended, Virginia Register Volume 20, Issue 12, eff. March 24, 2004.)

Statutory Authority

§§ 62.1-44.15 and 62.1-44.34:9 of the Code of Virginia, and 40 CFR Parts 280 and 281.

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