1. Part I - Outpatient Physical Rehabilitative Services (Repealed) (§ 12VAC30-130-10 to 12VAC30-130-70)
  2. Part II - Long-Stay Acute Care Hospitals (§ 12VAC30-130-80 to 12VAC30-130-130)
  3. Part III - Preadmission Screening and Annual Resident Review (§ 12VAC30-130-140 to 12VAC30-130-260)
  4. Part IV - Drug Utilization Review Program (§ 12VAC30-130-270 to 12VAC30-130-370)
  5. Part V - Drug Utilization Review in Nursing Facilities (§ 12VAC30-130-380 to 12VAC30-130-420)
  6. Part VI - Criteria for Intermediate Care for Mentally Retarded Persons (§ 12VAC30-130-430 to 12VAC30-130-460)
  7. Part VII - Hospice Services [Repealed] (§ 12VAC30-130-470 to 12VAC30-130-530)
  8. Part VIII - Community Mental Health and Mental Retardation Services (§ 12VAC30-130-540 to 12VAC30-130-590)
  9. Part IX - DMAS-225 Adjustment Process (§ 12VAC30-130-600 to 12VAC30-130-620)
  10. Part X - New Drug Review Program Regulations [Repealed] (§ 12VAC30-130-630 to 12VAC30-130-720)
  11. Part XI - New Drugs Not Covered by Medicaid [Repealed] (§ 12VAC30-130-730)
  12. Part XII - Health Insurance Premium Payment Program (HIPP) (§ 12VAC30-130-740 to 12VAC30-130-790)
  13. Part XIII - Client Medical Management Programs (§ 12VAC30-130-800 to 12VAC30-130-820)
  14. Part XIV - Residential Psychiatric Treatment for Children and Adolescents (Repealed) (§ 12VAC30-130-850 to 12VAC30-130-890)
  15. Part XV - Case Management Treatment Foster Care Services (§ 12VAC30-130-900 to 12VAC30-130-950)
  16. Part XVI - Addiction and Recovery Treatment Services (§ 12VAC30-130-1000)
  17. Part XVII - Marketing of Provider Services (§ 12VAC30-130-2000)
  18. Part XVIII - Behavioral Health Services (§ 12VAC30-130-3000 to 12VAC30-130-3030)
  19. Part XX - Addiction and Recovery Treatment Services (§ 12VAC30-130-5000 to 12VAC30-130-5210)

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