LICENSING REQUIREMENTS - (208-630-120 to 208-630-270)

  1. 208-630-120 - What does a business have to do to operate as a check casher and seller, or to make small loans as a payday lender?
  2. 208-630-130 - How does a business apply for a check casher's or seller's license or a small loan endorsement to a check casher's or seller's license?
  3. 208-630-135 - What must I do to be authorized to offer small loan agent services?
  4. 208-630-136 - If I am licensed to provide small loan agent services, what activities may I engage in?
  5. 208-630-137 - What disclosures must I provide when conducting business pursuant to a small loan agent services license?
  6. 208-630-138 - What laws govern my conduct as a small loan agent licensee?
  7. 208-630-140 - Once a business finishes the application process, when does the director issue a license?
  8. 208-630-150 - When does the license expire?
  9. 208-630-155 - May I conduct my business from more than one location?
  10. 208-630-160 - Does each location where a licensee makes small loans have to have a small loan endorsement?
  11. 208-630-170 - Where may a licensee make small loans?
  12. 208-630-180 - Is there a bond requirement for my license?
  13. 208-630-190 - What type of bond is necessary and what are the conditions?
  14. 208-630-200 - How is a bond canceled?
  15. 208-630-210 - What is the liability of the surety under the bond?
  16. 208-630-220 - Who may make claims against the bond?
  17. 208-630-230 - What must I do if there are claims against the bond?
  18. 208-630-240 - What is the amount of bond needed for licensees engaging only in check selling?
  19. 208-630-250 - What is the amount of bond needed if a licensee has a small loan endorsement?
  20. 208-630-260 - Do I have any alternative to maintaining a surety bond?
  21. 208-630-270 - When and under what circumstances may the director have access to the criminal history of an applicant or licensee, or controlling person?

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