REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL LICENSEES - (208-630-605 to 208-630-740)

  1. 208-630-605 - Must I maintain a business resumption plan?
  2. 208-630-606 - Must I have a policy that deals with records disposal?
  3. 208-630-610 - What accounting and financial records must I keep?
  4. 208-630-620 - In what form must a licensee maintain accounting and financial records?
  5. 208-630-630 - May the director ask a licensee for records regarding the previous day's transactions?
  6. 208-630-640 - What specific accounting records must a licensee maintain?
  7. 208-630-650 - May a licensee maintain a consolidated general ledger if the licensee has two or more locations?
  8. 208-630-660 - What must a licensee have in employees' personnel files?
  9. 208-630-670 - If I have a small loan endorsement on my license, what information must I keep in every loan file?
  10. 208-630-680 - Are there specific banking requirements for check sellers?
  11. 208-630-690 - When must a check casher deposit a monetary instrument?
  12. 208-630-700 - When may I deposit a monetary instrument accepted in the course of making a small loan?
  13. 208-630-710 - What other federal and state laws and regulations must a licensee comply with?
  14. 208-630-711 - [Repealed]
  15. 208-630-712 - When must a licensee obtain identifying information about its customers?
  16. 208-630-715 - What are the minimum requirements of an information security program required by the Federal Safeguards Rule implementing the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act?
  17. 208-630-716 - What are the minimum requirements for Consumer Financial Information Privacy under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (Regulation P)?
  18. 208-630-717 - Must a licensee provide notice to consumers if its data is compromised?
  19. 208-630-720 - Is a licensee required to register as a money service business with the Secretary of the Treasury?
  20. 208-630-721 - If a licensee is considered a money service business (MSB) under the Bank Secrecy Act (see WAC 208-630-720), what are the minimum requirements for the anti-money laundering program the licensee must develop?
  21. 208-630-730 - What records and actions does a licensee need to take to assure the licensee is correctly reporting under the Bank Secrecy Act?
  22. 208-630-740 - What obligation do I have to assure that employees comply with the laws and rules regarding payday lending and check cashing and selling?

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