SMALL LOAN REQUIREMENTS (PAYDAY LENDING) - (208-630-461 to 208-630-601)

  1. 208-630-461 - What is the maximum amount that all licensees may lend to a borrower?
  2. 208-630-462 - What documentation is acceptable as proof of the borrower's gross monthly income?
  3. 208-630-463 - What is the maximum number of small loans that may be made to a single borrower in any twelve-month period?
  4. 208-630-464 - What documentation is acceptable as proof of the borrower's identity?
  5. 208-630-466 - What fees can I charge on a small loan?
  6. 208-630-470 - What types of information must a licensee include on a borrower's application for a small loan?
  7. 208-630-480 - How must a licensee maintain customer small loan applications?
  8. 208-630-490 - What information must the note or small loan agreement contain?
  9. 208-630-500 - When must a licensee provide a note or small loan agreement to the borrower?
  10. 208-630-501 - How must I determine the due date on the loan?
  11. 208-630-505 - What process must I follow when a borrower pays off a small loan, or makes a payment toward an installment plan, with cash?
  12. 208-630-506 - What are my obligations if the borrower notifies me that he or she will be or is unable to pay the small loan on time?
  13. 208-630-510 - When does a borrower have a right to enter into an installment plan?
  14. 208-630-520 - If a borrower and licensee enter into an installment plan, what are the terms of the installment plan?
  15. 208-630-530 - If a borrower and licensee enter into an installment plan, how must the payments be structured?
  16. 208-630-531 - May I charge any fees if a borrower decides to convert their loan to an installment plan?
  17. 208-630-532 - May I make a small loan to a borrower who is in default on another small loan?
  18. 208-630-533 - May I make a small loan to a borrower who is in an installment plan?
  19. 208-630-5401 - What duties and restrictions must a licensee comply with when making loans to military borrowers?
  20. 208-630-542 - What fees may I charge or collect when a borrower defaults on a small loan?
  21. 208-630-543 - What are the specifications required of the communication log in RCW 31.45.082(4)?
  22. 208-630-544 - May I allow a borrower to refinance a small loan with another small loan?
  23. 208-630-545 - How do I use a trade name when conducting business?
  24. 208-630-546 - What is the limit on the number of checks I may hold from one borrower?
  25. 208-630-547 - May I continue to hold the borrower's original check or ACH authorization once the borrower has converted the loan to an installment plan?
  26. 208-630-548 - May I hold postdated checks for the installment plan payments?
  27. 208-630-549 - May I charge the borrower additional fees if the borrower defaults on an installment plan?
  28. 208-630-551 - May I charge a fee to cash monetary instruments I issue as proceeds of a small loan?
  29. 208-630-555 - What is the purpose of the data base?
  30. 208-630-556 - How do I use the data base system for small loan transactions?
  31. 208-630-560 - What disclosures must I make to a borrower?
  32. 208-630-570 - What must be included in the disclosure referred to in WAC 208-630-560(2)?
  33. 208-630-580 - In addition to providing disclosures to the borrower, must I post any disclosures?
  34. 208-630-590 - How must I format disclosures?
  35. 208-630-600 - What documentation must a licensee keep to show that the licensee has made the proper disclosures?
  36. 208-630-601 - Must I provide any information about the changes to the law to borrowers?

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