Wash. Admin. Code § 181-79A-128 - Temporary permits

Temporary permits may be issued by the superintendent of public instruction and designated agents under the following conditions:

(1) Temporary permits may be issued under this section to those persons who have filed an application for a certificate; who, based on available documentation, including affidavits or other evidence that appears reliable which substantiates the existence of missing documentation, appear to have completed all requirements for certification; and who do not disclose any information which indicates that such applicant fails to meet the character requirement of WAC 181-79A-150(2).
(2) An individual may apply for a permit directly to the superintendent of public instruction or designated agents i.e., educational service districts or Washington state institutions of higher education.
(3) A permit entitles the holder to serve as a teacher, educational staff associate or administrator consistent with the endorsement(s) on his/her permit.
(4) A permit is valid for up to one year unless prior to the expiration date the superintendent of public instruction determines the applicant is ineligible to receive a valid certificate or endorsement. In such cases, the temporary permit shall expire on the date notice of cancellation is received by the applicant and/or the employer.
(5) The temporary permit may be reissued only upon demonstration that the applicant has made a good faith effort to secure the missing documentation; provided, that an individual affected by WAC 181-79A-132 may obtain one additional permit to meet additional endorsement requirements.
(6) Issuing authority. The superintendent of public instruction either directly or through a designated agent shall issue all permits and shall provide institutions of higher education and educational service districts with forms and instructions relevant to application for a permit.


Wash. Admin. Code § 181-79A-128
Amended by WSR 15-04-014, Filed 1/23/2015, effective 2/23/2015 Amended by WSR 15-14-065, Filed 6/26/2015, effective 7/27/2015 Amended by WSR 17-07-040, Filed 3/8/2017, effective 4/8/2017

Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.410.210. 06-14-010, § 181-79A-128, filed 6/22/06, effective 7/23/06. 06-02-051, recodified as § 181-79A-128, filed 12/29/05, effective 1/1/06. Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.305.130(1) and (2),28A.410.010 and 28A.150.220(4). 99-01-174, § 180-79A-128, filed 12/23/98, effective 1/23/99.

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