Wash. Admin. Code § 196-23-020 - Seal/stamp usage

The use of the seal/stamp must be in accordance with chapter 18.43 RCW or as otherwise described herein:

(1) Final documents are those documents that are prepared and distributed for filing with public officials, use for construction, final agency approvals or use by clients. Any final document must contain the seal/stamp, signature and date of signature of the licensee who prepared or directly supervised the work. For the purpose of this section "document" is defined as plans, specifications, plats, surveys, land descriptions as defined in WAC 332-130-020, reports, and as-built documents prepared by the licensee.
(2) Preliminary documents are those documents not considered final as defined herein, but are released or distributed by the licensee. Preliminary documents must be clearly identified as "PRELIMINARY" or contain such wording so it may be differentiated from a final document. Preliminary documents must be stamped, but need not be signed or dated by the licensee.
(3) Plan sets: Every page of a plan set must contain the seal/ stamp, signature of the licensee(s) who prepared or who had direct supervision over the preparation of the work, and date of signature.
(a) Plans/plats containing work prepared by or under the direct supervision of more than one licensee should be sealed/stamped and dated by each licensee and shall clearly note the extent of each licensee's responsibility.
(b) As provided for in subsections (1) and (2) of this section, each page of a plan set must contain the seal/stamp of the licensee who prepared or who had direct supervision over the preparation of the work.
(c) Plan/plat sheets containing and/or depicting background and/or supporting information that is duplicated from other plans need only be sealed/stamped by the licensee(s) who prepared or was in direct supervision of the design. The origin of the background information shall be noted on the plan sheet.
(d) All design revisions to final plan/plat sheets shall clearly identify on each sheet the revisions made and shall contain the name and seal of the licensee and signature of the licensee with the date the sheet was sealed.
(4) Specifications: Specifications that are prepared by or under the direct supervision of a licensee shall contain the seal/stamp, signature of the licensee and the date of signature. If the specifications prepared by a licensee are a portion of a bound specification document that contains specifications other than that of an engineering or land surveying nature, the licensee need only seal/stamp that portion or portions of the documents for which the licensee is responsible. Nothing herein should be construed to require that each page of an engineering or land surveying specification be sealed/stamped by the licensee.
(5) Document review: When a licensee is required to review work prepared by another professional engineer or land surveyor, the reviewing licensee shall fully review those documents. If required, the licensee shall prepare a report that discusses the findings of the review with any supporting calculations and sketches. The reviewing licensee would then seal/stamp, sign and date the report. The report would make reference to and/or be attached to the subject document(s) reviewed.


Wash. Admin. Code § 196-23-020
Amended by WSR 22-10-034, Filed 4/27/2022, effective 5/28/2022

Statutory Authority: RCW 18.43.035. 08-10-009, § 196-23-020, filed 4/24/08, effective 7/1/08; 06-22-036, § 196-23-020, filed 10/25/06, effective 11/25/06; 99-15-055, § 196-23-020, filed 7/15/99, effective 8/15/99.

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