Wash. Admin. Code § 204-93-050 - Van standards

(1) The minimum size vehicles must be a half-ton rated van or pickup truck.
(2) The van must:
(a) Be equipped with adequate front pushbars of a design that protects the finish of any vehicle being pushed.
(b) Not have towing capabilities.
(c) Have the primary sponsor or operator's name, address, and telephone number painted on both sides of the vehicle in a contrasting color. The lettering must be at least 3 inches in height with a 3/4 inch stroke. Other sponsors may be shown in smaller lettering.
(d) Have the words "assistance van" painted on the front and rear of the van. The size of the lettering must be the same as the primary sponsor's or operator's name.
(e) Have the capability to jump start another vehicle without going the wrong direction on the highway.
(f) Have the ability to transfer fuel, or carry a minimum of 2.5 gallons of gasoline.
(g) Be maintained in a clean and neat manner.
(h) Be equipped with an approved light bar that displays amber lighting in a 360° radius. The amber lights must be used only at the scene of a disabled vehicle or when a disabled vehicle is being pushed from the travel lane to the nearest shoulder of the highway. If the van is used for private purposes, or for purposes in an area or by an operator/driver other than as set forth in the application, all emergency equipment which is exposed to public view must be removed or covered with an opaque hood, and must not be operated during such period of time.
(3) The van must not:
(a) Be equipped with the following:
(i) Emergency lighting other than outlined in subsection (2)(h) of this section.
(ii) Signal preemptive device.
(b) Display or use any name that includes the word "police" or "law enforcement" or other word which portrays the individual or business as a public law enforcement agency.


Wash. Admin. Code § 204-93-050

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