Wash. Admin. Code § 204-93-100 - Inspections and approval decals

Upon receipt of an application for a permit, the patrol will conduct an inspection of the applicant's van, to determine if the applicant qualifies for the issuance of a permit.

(1) After a permit has been issued, the state patrol will cause to be affixed to each qualified van a window decal indicating that it has been approved by the state patrol.

The decal will be furnished by the state patrol and affixed to the windshield on the lower right hand corner by the inspector.

(2) Reinspections of approved vans will be conducted at least once a year by an inspector.
(a) Upon subsequent inspections, the inspector may remove the decal from the van if it is no longer found to be qualified, subject to the following procedures:
(i) In the event of a safety-related defect which would render the van a safety hazard upon the public highway, the decal may be removed immediately by the inspector. Upon a protest by the operator that the defect does not represent a safety hazard, the decal may not be removed until such time as the defect is verified as a safety hazard by the inspector's supervisor.
(ii) In the event of missing or defective equipment which is not a safety hazard but is required for initial approval, the inspector must issue a correction notice for the defect. If after ten days the operator fails or refuses to repair the defect, the decal may be removed.
(iii) Upon repair of a defect which has previously caused removal of a decal, the inspector will reinspect the equipment which had been defective. If the specified corrections have been satisfactorily completed, the inspector will reapply another decal to the windshield. In the event that the inspector is not readily available to reinspect and reapply the decal, such other patrol officer as may be appointed by the patrol may reinspect and reapply the decal. The reinspection and reapplication will be done as soon as possible after the operator advises that the defect has been repaired.
(b) Upon termination of a permit, the decal will be immediately removed and the permit retrieved by the state patrol.
(c) Upon sale or other transfer of the van from the business, the operator must so advise the ESR and must remove the decal prior to the sale or transfer of the vehicle.
(d) Upon the purchase or acquisition of any additional van to be used pursuant to this chapter, the operator must immediately notify the ESR and request an inspection of the new unit by the patrol. No vehicle will be authorized under the permit until it is approved by the patrol.


Wash. Admin. Code § 204-93-100

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