Wash. Admin. Code § 246-282-036 - Bait permit

(1) The department will approve and issue a bait permit to a person to harvest shellfish from a harvest site in a growing area classified by the department as "prohibited," "restricted," or "conditionally approved" in closed status if all of the following conditions are met.
(a) The person possesses a valid shellfish operation license.
(b) The person possesses a valid harvest site certificate for the site.
(c) The harvest site is not impacted by biotoxin levels that would cause the department to close it for harvest for human consumption.
(d) The person submits a completed written application and plan of operations approved by the department completely describing the procedures of the bait operation.
(e) The person pays the department a bait permit application fee or renewal fee as required by this chapter.
(2) A person operating under a bait permit must:
(a) Follow all procedures in the plan of operations approved by the department;
(b) Harvest bait from an area classified as "prohibited" only during daylight hours;
(c) Harvest bait from an area classified as "prohibited" only under direct monitoring by a person approved by the department;
(d) Completely immerse the shellfish in an approved dye that imparts an easily noticeable permanent color to the tissue immediately upon landing the shellfish;
(e) Label each container of shellfish "NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION - BAIT USE ONLY" prior to removal from the harvest site;
(f) Store the shellfish physically separated from any shellfish intended for human consumption; and
(g) Keep records for each lot of shellfish harvested for use as bait showing a lot identification number, the species, the harvest site, the harvest date, the quantity harvested, the names of all buyers, and the quantity sold to each buyer.
(3) A person's bait permit expires on the same date as the person's shellfish operation license.
(4) Any person possessing a commercial quantity of bait shellfish is exempt from the requirement to obtain a bait permit provided that the person:
(a) Obtains the shellfish from a person with a valid bait permit;
(b) Possesses a sales invoice for the shellfish from a person with a valid bait permit; and
(c) Maintains each container of shellfish prominently labeled "NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION - BAIT USE ONLY."


Wash. Admin. Code § 246-282-036

Statutory Authority: RCW 69.30.030 and 43.20.030. 01-04-054, § 246-282-036, filed 2/5/01, effective 3/8/01.

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