Wash. Admin. Code § 296-104-100 - Inspection-How often must boilers and unfired pressure vessels be inspected?

In accordance with RCW 70.79.080, 70.79.090, and 70.79.240 the following inspection requirements shall apply:

(1) Power boilers shall be inspected:
(a)Externally while under pressure - Annually.
(b)Internally and externally while not under pressure -Annually, except as noted in (d) of this subsection.
(c) The required annual "certificate of inspection" will not be issued until both inspections listed in (a) and (b) of this subsection are completed and reported to the jurisdiction.
(d)A power boiler in a national board accredited owner-user inspection program may have the internal inspection intervals extended by the owner-user inspection organization to five years maximum under the following conditions:
(i) The boiler water treatment and specific chemical limits are prescribed and monitored by an individual or company that specializes in the water treatment field;
(ii) Nondestructive examination (NDE) is performed along with the internal inspections;
(iii) The boiler is monitored within a manned operating facility;
(iv) Inspection, maintenance, and water treatment records are maintained;
(v) There is sufficient inspection history for the boiler or a boiler in similar service to justify the increase in the inspection interval; and
(vi) This provision shall not apply to a black liquor recovery boiler or any boiler with an unsuitable corrosion rate, remaining life, and/or repair history.
(2)Organic vapor boilers shall be inspected:
(a) Externally while under pressure - Annually.
(b) Internally and externally while not under pressure - Biennially.
(3) Low pressure boilers shall be inspected:
(a) Externally while in operation and under pressure - Biennially.
(b) Internally while not under pressure (except where construction does not permit an internal) - Every fourth year.
(c) Internally, all steam heating boilers will have as a minimum, an internal of their low water fuel cut off - Biennially.
(d) Internally, none required for nonvapor boilers using glycol, or adequately treated with corrosion inhibitor.
(4) Hot water heaters shall be inspected:
(a) Externally - Biennially.
(b) Internally - None required.
(5) Unfired pressure vessels shall be inspected:
(a) Externally - Biennially.
(b) Internally:
(i) When subject to corrosion and construction permits -Biennially, except that expansion tanks, air separators, ammonia storage tanks and hot water storage tanks may have internal inspections at the inspector's discretion. Vessels in an owner-user inspection program may follow intervals established by the NBIC or API-510.
(ii) Pulp or paper dryer rolls may be inspected on a five-year basis in accordance with TAPPI TIP 0402-16 revised 2011, provided the owner has established a written inspection program accepted by the inspector that meets the minimum requirements of TAPPI TIP 0402-16 revised 2011.
(iii) Vessels not subject to corrosion do not require an internal.


Wash. Admin. Code § 296-104-100
Amended by WSR 15-14-100, Filed 6/30/2015, effective 9/1/2015

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